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A Visionary initiative – “Ek Naya”


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The breakthrough for the Unorganized Food hawkers in India

In 2018, Mr. Yash Dalwani, the co-founder and CEO of DNY Hospitality, envisioned a revolution in the unorganised food industry, which constitutes a staggering 60% of the F & B market in India. This vision was the birth of "Ek Naya," a groundbreaking initiative aimed at organising the unorganised.

Ek Naya is not just a project; it's a testament to DNY Hospitality's commitment to excellence and innovation. It goes beyond the realms of business success, reaching out to uplift the lives of street food hawkers across India.


Swarajya Tea Stall becomes “EK-Naya Swarajya” 

The transformation unfolded with a new set of modern equipment, ensuring efficiency and a subtle modernization that exceeded expectations. Picture the stall, once faded and taped up, now with a fresh coat of paint and a carefully renovated space, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers. The journey took a positive turn with the introduction of a brand-new professional coffee machine, enhancing the quality of beverages at Ek Naya Swarajya.


Transformation Story

Mr. Raghunath, with a limited hand to mouth business of tea and coffee on the streets of Thane, Mumbai, always dreamt of having a great education for his children and having a comfortable life for  them. With the revenue he earned with his stall was not enough to fulfil his dreams, 

With a new approach and new motivative vision given to Raghunath by DNY, he started to believe the importance of having a hygienic and brand-like organised processes in his stall.

His stall is now a kiosk with - A revamped menu, complemented by professional branding materials, added a touch of sophistication to the overall experience. Hygiene, a fundamental aspect of DNY Hospitality's vision, was reflected in a well-thought-out hygienic sink unit and strategically placed dustbin, establishing cleanliness as a necessity which was previously ignored.

Health-conscious choices were emphasised with the installation of a water purification unit and essential kitchen utensils, showcasing a commitment not only to business growth but also the well-being of every customer. The final touches, including uniforms, gloves, and caps, contributed to an environment of professionalism and hygiene, elevating Mr. Raghunath's tea stall into a highly functioning kiosk.


The Vision for the Future

Ek Naya is not just a one-time effort; it's a commitment to continuous social change. As DNY Hospitality gears up to revamp six more food hawkers in December 2023, the vision remains ambitious – to touch the lives of 2500 food hawkers across India in the next two years.

You are invited to join this incredible journey. Spread the word about Ek Naya and be a part of the positive change in the lives of these hardworking hawkers. Illuminate their stories and inspire others to contribute to this noble cause.


As Ek Naya stands by its belief – "Givers, Always Gain!" – let us all be a part of this remarkable journey of social change. Thank you for your attention to the uplifting saga of Ek Naya.



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