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Brand Naming: A strategic “Naming a brand” process is the main part of your brand identity-building exercise.

Your brand name isn’t just how people define your company; it’s your core value, it’s your opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It’s to develop an affinity with the target market and master the base step of your brand recognition.

A strategic plan, we create for you at DNY hospitality, ensures that your brand has a “NAME” that relates to the core values, principles and vision.

The Prerequisites for your Brand Identity Naming Strategy

1.Brand Identity Objectives

We at DNY Hospitality through brand positioning understand your pre-defined clear set of objectives. What do you want to accomplish with your naming strategy? What does your business mission define? If your brand was a song or an animal, what would it be? These principles make us understand the exact brand persona, you have in your mind. We then develop a name for your brand which exactly defines that persona.

2. Defining Core Identity

Next important step you need to take before you name your company/brand involves understanding who you are. And what you want people to think when they see your business. These are the mentioned points that your brand undergoes for determining core brand identity-

1 - The brand vision: What is the purpose of your company’s existence?

2 - The brand mission: Where do you wish to reach and what is your target?

3 - The brand values: How you deliver on your promises?

3. Create your customer’s personas

If you don’t know who is your type of customer, then you’ll have a much harder time choosing a brand name and brand identity. We recommend when you begin your brainstorming sessions with us, the clear picture of your target market should be on your mind. A distinct user persona or set of personas that we use together to examine your brand names from a customer’s perspective.


The user personas will allow you to step into the shoes of the customer you wish to sell your products and services to. The name selection depends much more on that aspect.

Brand designing is key components of your brand strategy, be it internal or external. Consistency ensures retention. From your brand logo, company presentation, signage board, food packaging design, uniform or menu design—everything demands a constructive consistency. That’s what we promise at DNY, your one stop restaurant consulting and branding partner.

If your branding is strong enough you can cover all these points:





Concept Creation & Brand story

A great brand concept ensures the below mentioned agenda-

Brand’s vision

Brand’s uniqueness

Brand’s value & success

The concept creation of the restaurant when done correctly can have a big impact on turning outsiders into the guest. The story line that the brand communicates is through its visual appearance. The brand language and the visuals when follow a particular direction, that’s called a “Great Concept”



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