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DNY Kitchens – Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India for INR 10 Lacs (No Franchise Fee, No Additional Cost)


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Cloud Kitchen Franchise business is emerging as the most profitable franchise business opportunity. However, they have become a well-established phenomenon in the corporate world. To understand its potential, please note one-third of the restaurant industry is now occupied by the cloud kitchen business. Different brands operating in cloud kitchens are virtual kitchens, ghost kitchens, or shared kitchens. The concept of cloud kitchens in itself is sufficient to save more than half the costs involved in running a profitable business.

Importance of Opting for a Cloud Kitchen Franchise

‘DNY kitchens’ has been in the industry for more than 15 years and has been known for their business intelligence into hospitality.

DNY Hospitality, a pioneer in India's cloud kitchen concept since 2012, offers a franchise model focused on minimizing costs and maximizing revenue. Under the visionary leadership of Yash Dalwani, their kitchens employ intelligent techniques for efficiency. Entrepreneurs can start multi-brands in a single kitchen with a low investment cost of just INR 10 lakhs, making it a lucrative and accessible opportunity in the industry.

Why DNY kitchens?

‘DNY kitchens’ is an opportunity for first time food entrepreneurs as well as existing catering businesses who want to get into the cloud industry with a strategy to win. DNY 3 brand cloud kitchen is fully designed and created for a business model to lead in the market.

Opting for a cloud kitchen franchise is advisable because of following reasons-

1 - DNY’s 3 Brand Cloud kitchen have fully optimised menus.

2 - Operations worked out with 1 set of staff, revenue channels are 3

3 - All 3 brands are highest ranked products in online ordering in India

4 - Our Head Chefs focus only on the authenticity of recipes, best quality standards & optimum use of resources.

5 - The secret masalas & Marinades are procured from DNY kitchens at factory prices.

6 - Consistency in recipes, because the marinades are created in central kitchen.

7 - ROI in 1.2 to 1.5 Years.

8 - NO FRANCHISE FEE for First 20 Outlets.

9 - There’s an on-going support from DNY in digital marketing and operational excellence.

What’s the Best Deal?

The best and the most profitable part of opting for the DNY kitchens’ cloud kitchen franchise is not paying franchise fees for opening the first 20 outlets. The first-time setup cost with NO FRANCHISE FEE, sounds interesting right? Well the major reason is “DNY Kitchens” focuses on building entrepreneurship with 100% successful model.

3 High-Demand Food Brands

Here’s the complete information about these brands, you will get to choose your 3 favourite ones to start business with

1 - What’s their origin?

2 - How does the branding look like?

3 - What’s the cuisine?

4 - What’s in for you?

Brand 1 – Dum Shahi Biryani

Dum Shahi Biryani as a part of a cloud kitchen franchise is a royal biryani brand, consisting of 4 authentic flavors of slowly cooked dum-biryanis in menu. The head chef team of DNY kitchens took around two years to create the authentic recipes and flavors. With just 4 traditional flavour of Biryanis in menu, we aim at focusing to a confined 100% authenticity of these flavours. Another reason for same is keeping an easy-to-manage biryani business with low-operating cost. The biggest challenge was to make it possible at an affordable price, which we finally achieved. It is highly demanded in cloud kitchen franchise business because rice is consumed in most of the world. Nobody can resist its delicious flavors backed by customization.

Customisation: A key to better customer service

Customisation is very necessary with Dum Shahi Biryani because it helps in satisfying the customers’ needs. In the cloud kitchen industry, the importance of what is getting delivered to the end consumer is the highest because that’s the first thing to represent your virtual restaurant. This is the reason the chefs of DNY Kitchens invested 2 years in developing unique tastes in 4 to 5 recipes only to increase value of cloud kitchen franchise.

Marketing & Branding – Dum Shahi

‘Biryani’ is India’s one of the highest ordered products in India. This high-demand product, when given a right brand positioning, goes for a swift growth in the Indian market. Therefore, you are sure to succeed with our multiple-brand cloud kitchen franchise and our special focus on right Social Media Marketing and Branding. The royal menu, seen with an impactful branding and high-resolution pictures is the first selling point. You would be amazed at the visuals of biryanis by DumShahi Biryani. This way we give you the best out of a franchise opportunity cloud kitchen.

Relevance of Dum Shahi Biryani in multiple-brand kitchen

Dum Shahi Biryani has a high potential since it can be easily operated in multi-brand cloud kitchen. It requires one dedicated section for cooking biryanis of all flavors with delicious fragrances. The interior design and space utilisation is in the manner that Dum Shahi Biryani can be settled easily with our cloud kitchen franchise at the same premises with the rest of the brands.

Brand 2 – Kuku Chap Chap

India offers a very big market for non-vegetarian marinated food items. It is a necessity rather than a luxury. Many people consume it for those proper nutrients therefore the scope is increasing. Kuku Chap Chap is one of the 3 leading brands of DNY’s cloud kitchen franchise. You will be surprised to know there is no additional cooking time for products in kuku chap chap. The marinated and raw foods are pre-marinated and stored, once the online order arrives its as easy as pack and send.

Cloud kitchen is all about how to keep running costs as low as possible and multiply revenue. Kuku Chap Chap is the first step in leveraging your sources and making the maximum out.

3-day shelf life

Marination is a process of preparing a paste with curd, gram flour, spices and herbs. It takes a considerable period of time to apply it properly on all the chicken pieces individually. The solution by DNY Hospitality is to apply the thick paste for marination and keep it in cold storage. It has 3-day shelf life. Your chef only needs to heat it and your customers will relish it happily.

Exclusive African Flavours

Cuisines and flavours from different parts of the world are always welcomed. The world is getting global. Grab the chance of introducing African flavors of Grilled Chicken in India and in the city you live in. Kuku Chap Chap is one more idea with the highest possible success rate. If you get the cloud kitchen franchise opportunity along with other unique brands, it is worth investing to get into multi-billion dollar industry. You can have the amazing African flavours with different marinades to treat the taste buds of your customers.

Flavours of your choice

Kuku Chap Chap has one more reason to be the feather in the cap of DNY hospitality. Choose different flavors and quantity for marination is at your liberty. We boast of 20+ combinations of marinated chicken. This blend of combinations and flavours will make you stand different from the crowd and success is all yours. We make sure your decision to invest in cloud kitchen franchise from DNY Kitchens can help you reach at the top of the industry.

Hassle-free cooking at Kuku Chap Chap

After reading about 20+ combinations, you might get concerned about the staff members. With DNY Kitchens, the work culture of cloud kitchen franchise business holders is always systematic and all the operations related to cloud kitchens take place with limited staff members. The credit goes to brainstorming management hacks of the most creative heads at DNY Hospitality. This brand of African Grilled chicken out of the multiple-brands cloud kitchen is also operated with complete ease of procedures.

7 benefits with Kuku Chap Chap in a nutshell

1 - African Flavours

2 - 20+ Combinations

3 - Variety of flavours

4 - 3 Days Shelf Life

5 - Full-fledged training

6 - Limited Staff

7 - Targeted promotion with SMM

8 - No hassles in operations

Brand 3 – Grill’D

Grilled food items are very popular in the cloud food industry. The authentic marinades and masalas are procured from DNY kitchens, which are pre-marinated in kitchen, grilled and delivered. Bread that is consumed every other day can also be the source of delight for food lovers if served properly. A grilled sandwich is preferred by many people over a normal sandwich. We take the opportunity to introduce the 3rd brand of multiple-brand cloud kitchen for cloud kitchen franchise business.

What is Grilling?

Grilling is the process of roasting food over hot coals or it is directly exposed to fire. A grill is a metallic device or a device that has a metal frame. The frame plays the role of hot coals. This is especially liked by people who don’t want to eat fried food to avoid the consumption of oils. ‘Grill’D’ provides delicious food items prepared with this technology especially for people who love the combination of nutrition, taste and crisp. This brand also has a target market like it is in the 3 brands of DNY Kitchens mentioned above. Cloud kitchen franchise is a money-making investment since profits in grilled food items is apparent.

Dishes Served

Setting up a cloud kitchen with grilled food items and managing it with a cloud kitchen franchise is an awesome combination. Have a look of what all Grill’D has especially for you:

1 - ‘Grill’D’ has vegetarian dishes, chicken and fish to be served with rice.

2 - There are crispy burgers to blow your mind with its aroma and taste.

3 - You can also try Peri-Peri chicken with many other food items that are otherwise more delicious because they are grilled.

You will experience filling your tummy with a nutritious diet that has no oils to increase saturated fats. There was intense research by the team of DNY hospitality to come up with these recipes that can be fit in grilled items. The experiments were done using different flavors and herbs.

Limited Team to Operate

The staff members, required to run the place are less that contributes to increasing the profit margins out of turnover. It follows automated processes for food preparation with the help of latest kitchen equipment and fastest food technology. It is not always necessary to hire the best talents in the industry. After taking the cloud kitchen franchise from DNY Kitchens, the staff members can be made ‘the best’ by rigorous training efforts by our team.

Overall Advantages of multiple-brand cloud kitchen franchise

Expansion of a business takes a long time to grow. Every business goes through teething problems. Then a budding entrepreneur needs to put money in online and offline marketing for brand creation. However, when you invest in a franchise opportunity cloud kitchen, your journey will be absolutely different.

Lesser staff, lesser liability

When the staff members will be less, the investment in cloud kitchen franchise business will ensure that the liabilities are lesser. Liabilities in business mean legally responsible for making payments of salaries, rent, expenses, etc.


In food franchise business in association with DNY Hospitality, all the setup is automated. Our cloud kitchen franchise guarantees uniform taste, hygienically prepared food and safety of the employees.

Trained staff, not skilled labor

This whole business plan of franchise of cloud kitchen with the prospective of making millions and billions does not require skilled labor but only trained staff. Skilled labor is more expensive.

Process oriented business

This cloud kitchen business is based on a process. All the steps from procuring raw material to packaging food take place with the help of a semi-automated model. It requires intense planning. We will guide you with our cloud kitchen franchise business model properly.

ROI within 9-12 months

ROI stands for ‘Return on Investment’. The duration for recovery of costs and getting profits from turnover is only within 1.2 to 1.5 Years. Therefore, it is advisable to have faith in the facts and take the first step to the food franchise.

Lowest operating costs

Cloud kitchens promise food lower operating costs. With experienced and dedicated franchise providers like DNY Hospitality, the costs are the lowest.

High potential in 4 brands

All the 4 brands are selectively full of potential to consider investing in cloud kitchen franchise business. Every single brand has been chosen to supply 4 times profit. ‘DumShahi Biryanis’ can become the first choice of rice lovers. ‘Kuku Chap Chap’ has immense potential to appeal the palates of chicken lovers. ‘YaYY! Momos’ guarantees the yummiest steamed Momos. ‘Grill’D’ is for all those who have an inclination to consuming grilled food for a change. These brands have their organised and fixed niche markets. Thus, success is assured. Since most people are familiar with the taste of these food items; these brands can get business from customers with different preferences also. This is a golden package to kick start your multiple-brand cloud kitchen business.

Brand Franchise guidance

The typical services provided by cloud kitchen consultants are providing the equipment specification and end-to-end guidance to set up a cloud kitchen.

However, at DNY Kitchens, it is a little more:

1 - DNY Kitchens would handle your complete turn-key cloud kitchen franchise setup of 4 brands.

2 - At DNY Kitchens, we not only provide consulting, but our team would also be involved in operational excellence.

3 - DNY team would handle the marketing activities in-house for all 4 brands.

4 - DNY Kitchens helps in selection of staff members, interview them for you, and hire as per caliber.

5 - DNY Kitchens would provide all necessary brand documents, branding, menu designs, recipe standardisation, and SOP’s.

6 - DNY Kitchens would train your team for handling end-to-end operations.

Reasons to invest in Cloud Kitchen Franchise with DNY Kitchens

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is pertinent to understand the importance of food franchise business. Food industry is one of the most profitable industries in dark times also. Cloud kitchens do not involve a lot of costs. Taking Cloud Kitchen Franchise is a prudent decision if you want to see yourself as a growing business personality after 5 years.

Limited Investment

Investing the amount of Rs. 10 lacs and getting the overall kitchen equipment setup training and consultation to get legal formalities done is a fairly profitable deal in cloud kitchen franchise business. It includes all kinds of expenses related to licenses, operations, branding, procurement of kitchen equipment, etc. There are no hidden costs.

Training costs covered

When you show faith in us by investing your hard-earned money in franchise of cloud kitchen, we are sensitive towards your effort and our team puts its heart and soul into establishing your brand. Food industry relies on quality and taste, the most. Therefore, we provide rigorous training to your staff after recruiting them.

Marketing costs covered

Digital marketing is one of the most result-oriented tools these days to reach heights in the industry. At any time you will never feel alone even if you are the only investor. DNY Hospitality will always help you grow your business with Digital Marketing & Branding efforts. We don’t take any extra charges to provide marketing services.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is very tricky in the food industry because delivering the food items on time is the key. We also take care of the supply chain management for the investor who takes franchise of cloud kitchen by DNY Kitchens. It includes kitchen-related equipment’s, interior decoration related items, necessary furniture, cutlery & crockery, packaging material, staff members, staff uniform, billing software, etc.


Excellence is not so easy to acquire in this Cloud kitchen business. Expertise comes with time, money and extreme effort. How about choosing the easy path and investing in Cloud kitchen franchise business by DNY Kitchens working under the parent company DNY Hospitality Private Limited. We invite you to know the details of the food franchise business that will positively change the way you lead your life.



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