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Importance of Restaurant Branding in India & Its Direct Impact on Revenue!


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Importance of Restaurant branding in India is taking giant strides. The direction of the food & beverage industry is opening gates to new opportunities. Branding activity can give a fabulous boost to growth rate. Do your utmost to supersize the forms of branding by compressing costs in other departments while being in the course of substantiating your brand. DNY Hospitality has backed up many restaurants to fabricate their repute and brand identity with its impossible services.

High accomplishments are possible in less time with restaurant branding in India because of its population and if one understands the glory of restaurant branding, it is viable to effectuate business in the food & beverage industry using restaurant consultation for multiple reasons.

1. Consistency is the Key

Restaurant branding in India is an art as well as a science. The creation of an aura or atmosphere for building your brand identity clamours for consistency and harmony. It is a prerequisite to keep striking the minds of the target market perpetually.

Branding is always associated with designing since designing is the visible form of the abstract concept of branding. Common designs must conjugate distinctive configurations of your restaurants. The first step in the behest is to perpetrate brand and designing for your restaurant. Make sure you keep using the designs for a longer period of time because restaurant branding in India gives results after some time of investment and endeavour and not immediately. 

2. Importance of Restaurant Branding in India

Restaurant branding in India aids in imparting the mission, vision, and values of the restaurant. A non-living entity can also become alive with branding and can have a personality for identification. A restaurant brand communicates the offers of a restaurant brand through visuals and connects with them emotionally through taglines and messages. It advances interaction with the customers on Social Media Handles. Apart from bringing transparency in operations and there would be no potentialities of loopholes in the quality norms, also helps in locating the concrete zones of obstacles and their targeted solutions during restaurant branding in India.

3. Importance of Restaurant Branding: Colours on Customer’s Mood and Hunger

The importance of colors is prima-facie in our everyday life. Wondering how you can employ them in restaurant branding in India! Here’s how; colours also play a significant role in influencing our moods and hunger. You would be surprised to know about the close link between emotions and colours. Red colour induces courage. Blue shows wisdom, yellow is for optimism, orange reflects fun, white stands for simplicity, purple represents luxury, etc. Similarly, colours influence hunger also.

Green colour that represents nature helps in increasing appetite. Red is responsible for increasing blood pressure and excitement. Blue colour reduces appetite. Yellow and orange also make people hungry. Brown, black, and grey do not promote appetite. One can use these colours in designing while restaurant branding in India. However, marketers use them to highlight light colours in contrast.

4. Key Features of Great Restaurant Branding in India

Restaurant branding claims a great deal of business acumen. The branding activity and strategy ride on the cuisines, the target market, the size of the market, the competitors, the trends of branding and concept, etc. The key attributes of first-rated branding and concept during restaurant branding in India are:


Brand identity 

Logo design 

Flow of story line 

Content is the king 

Use of apt colours and combinations

Interior decoration

1. Concept

The concept is the restaurant concept that comprises the vision, mission, values, and the across-the-board process to garner the ingredients and serve the food with creative presentation and plating. The concept is the phenomenal idea that encourages one to elaborate on it and take it further as an entrepreneurial initiative. It portrays all the steps of the restaurant branding in India.

Different Concepts work on different target markets for restaurants and cafes. Every concept is created with an idea in mind, the vision and mission & a cuisine you keen on.

2. Brand Identity 

Establishing a brand identity is the premier step in restaurant branding. Good quality restaurant branding in India always concentrates on making the customers identifies the brand. It constitutes the colour, restaurant logo design, taglines, name of the brand, etc. The name has the highest value. Many factors can inspire you to find out the name of the restaurant. It can be the place, theme, cuisine of the restaurant brand, etc. One may also cherry-pick the name according to some personal preferences like somebody’s name.

For instance, ‘Pizza Hut’ has pizza in its name. Try using colours that raise appetite. For instance, the logos of McDonalds, Starbucks, Bahama Eats, etc; have colourful logos. A logo must give the idea of business industry. For instance, ‘Burger King’ has the round shape in logo to represent burger.

3. Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant logo design is the exclusive structure, shape, symbol, or text associated with the proper noun or name of the restaurant. Logo designing is the soul of the whole activity of designing. A restaurant logo design is only present in the entire presentation of the restaurant branding in India. It should be unique, simple, original, and easily memorable with well-combined colours. 

4. The Flow of the Storyline 

Branding activity with a story becomes conquering to enthral the consumers. Branding conveys the story related to your restaurant brand to the consumers with a right message a brand wants to communicate. The storyline of a restaurant during restaurant branding in India startles with answering the questions related to the brand or entity. How the brand came into existence? What does the brand serve? What efforts does the brand put in? The answers to these questions form a wonderful flow of storyline performing restaurant branding in India.

5. Content is the King

Content is the king yes, everything that a brand speaks out in a digital or a non-digital asset. It embraces all the text in articles, stories, captions, taglines, story etc. The brand communicates with their audience via 2 things – 1 content and 2 visuals. Even while compassing digital marketing and SEO during restaurant branding in India, Google esteems content as the King. Based on the distinctiveness of the content, Google provides ranking to the website with its crawler or spider.

The spider keeps going through the web, finds the keywords, checks the originality of the content and if it fulfils the parameters of uniqueness and SEO, the website or writ appears in top results. This has the best of the essence because people only check the top results on the search engine. Post inimitable content on Website in different sections like About us, Values, Vision, Mission, Blogs, etc. 

8. Use of Apt Colours and Combinations

As cited above, colors have a firsthand impact on Human Psychology. It’s noticeable that the lounge bars and discotheques often retain dark and flamboyant colors like black, blue, red, yellow, etc because people go there for gratification and not to devour much eatables. Similarly, at a restaurant, you may find other tender colors like green, yellow, orange, white, etc; in amalgamation. Therefore, you must plan for restaurant branding in India with eloquent colour combinations. You may use dark and earthen colours to highlight them in contrast with other bright colours.

9. Restaurant Interior Design

The Restaurant interior design primarily suffices to justify the high price on the menu. Primarily the interior design must be in alignment with the restaurant concept. Interior embellishment changes the conduct and mood of a customer at a restaurant. With the kind of vibe, the interior and concept exert, the customer gives the orders and relishes the recipes. This is the magic of interior design. People do have a brilliant understanding of luxuries like the table settings, murals, wall paintings, furniture, dining table, lighting colour combinations, the showpieces, and everything that is a part of the interior décor. Everything inside a restaurant highlights the efforts of restaurant branding in India. 

Leaders in the Industry with Great Branding 

The results of productive restaurant branding are inarguably evident. These are the thriving brands that have success with coherent branding and concept in India. These brands have a high level of integrity with feedback also. They take feedback for all the facets of the restaurant including menu designing, interior, creative presentation, and plating. Acting on the feedback as a part of restaurant branding in India makes the customers give positive feedback to their family, friends, neighbours, et al. This amplifies the room for their visits and the footfall of their acquaintances.

Behrouz biryani



Behrouz Biryani 

Behrouz biryani is one of the most renowned examples of the most befitting restaurant branding in India. The logo has black color but the combination of black and yellow makes it effortlessly identifiable. The influence of black colour becomes positive in creating a mighty conception of the restaurant brand. Black color signifies power and yellow has an applauding impact on appetite.

It appeals to the niche market that loves delectable Biryanis of different flavours. The design of Behrouz Biryani has majestic scenery of a magnificent Palace in the dim sunlight and clouds passing by. Behrouz is a cloud kitchen and still well-known for its exceptional package designs and rigorous restaurant branding in India.


Kebab-e-Ishq is one of the most triumphant restaurants in cloud kitchens for its stately and luscious kebabs. Its emplacement is in the nexus of the financial capital of India, Mumbai. It is eminent in catering to authentically aromatic Mughlai flavoured spicy food items. After eminent restaurant branding, they established two more brands. One serves Italian cuisine and the other one serves health-based dishes. Their expedition from a single-brand kitchen to becoming a multi-brand outlet has been remarkable.

Khar Social

Khar Social is a landmark example of intelligent branding and designing. The logo has a hash tag ‘#kharsocial’. Hashtag marketing claims brilliant results. With its homepage, it’s easy to recognise that Khar Social is a one of its kind. It promotes socialism and therefore, it’s present in its name. Its menu has interesting names in both ‘#eat’ and ‘#drnk’.

13. Achievements with Great Branding 

Proficient branding strategies can help in getting victory over the four pillars of loyalty, credibility recognition, and consistency during restaurant branding in India. These attainments are exorbitant for every restaurant. The reward or results of targeted marketing effort go in 4 directions: 






Massive branding activity dazzles all the departments and areas of a restaurant subsuming interior design, packaging, uniforms, marketing material, etc. The result of restaurant branding in India is that designs enrapture the people and they set higher expectations before they enter the restaurant.


The major precept of restaurant branding in India is to preserve consistency in the whole campaign of branding activities. In the food & beverage industry, there are no sabbatical or public holidays or occasions. There are opportunities for acquiring double amount of the revenue on occasions. Therefore, the consistency in branding keeps in sustaining the rank on search engine. A brand attains a rank with regular posting. One may maintain consistency by posting daily, alternately, weekly or with any frequency. However, there must be regularity.


Branding gives voice to an entity or a restaurant and it unveils itself as a personality with the name, identity, address, and value-added offerings. The full-scale process of restaurant branding in India prompts credibility for a restaurant brand. Credibility is faith and reliability that people start having in a brand after reading the content and looking at the visuals. A brand is a personality and it conveys messages through captions and taglines.


The next step is visiting restaurants enthusiastically and if the services, taste, and quality of food reach the level of credibility that was set while restaurant branding in India, the restaurant conquers loyalty as a bounty for maintaining consistency in branding and building credibility. This is the achievement of a restaurant brand owner.

14. Online Food Ordering/ Cloud Kitchens – Biggest Success with Good Branding 

Wonders have taken place in the food & beverage industry in cloud kitchen sections with the apparatus of restaurant branding in India. Cloud kitchens are not a very senescent concept in India but they have touched the pinnacle merely in a decade and nothing seems to block its course. Cloud Kitchens have attracted investments not only from corporate investors but also from students, housewives and senior citizens as a way of life. Some examples with immense success rate are Behrouz Biryani, Kuku Chap Chap, EggoMogo, etc. 

How Does DNY Hospitality Help In Restaurant Branding?

Brand designing is a procedure to give definition to an idea and placing it in the mind of the target market or consumers in a specific shape. A brand is an image that is present as an impression in the minds of the customers. However, it is possible only when restaurant branding is of the top-shelf quality.  We can help you altogether during the campaign of restaurant branding in India, have a full-fledged plan to make your idea a brand that you can accomplish perpetually. Starting with explaining to you the importance of restaurant branding and then taking the first step of brand identity. Here are all the steps:

Brand Identity 

Restaurant Logo Design 

Packaging Design 

Theme of the restaurant

Uniform Design

Menu Design 

1. Brand Identity 

The identity of the brand is the first and foremost attempt to start restaurant branding in India. We note down all the unique selling points and values of the restaurant first and then make a branding and concept plan. This strategy works in favour of establishing the identity of the brand. Designing plays an important role in establishing the brand identity because it entails logo, name of the brand, selection of colours, etc. Our approach considers the factors influencing the mental makeup of the target market. It regards competitors’ strategies, background, culture, and other demographic factors related to the customers and consumers. 

2.  Logo Design 

Designing is a valuable and inventive activity that sets the path for creating an eternal and poignant first impression. Both the interior and exterior of the restaurant try to take the farthermost advantage of designing and entice the customers. If the exterior design is pitch-perfect and the customers have set foot into the restaurant, the interior embellishment must continue to communicate the values to the customer.

The logo helps in brand identification to an elevated multitude. We furnish you Digital Marketing Services along with branding & designing until you accredit the designs. The restaurant branding in India for your brand will transpire according to your precedence to convey the restaurants’ overall philosophy. We are promethean designers in making all kinds of logos including text, shape, or symbol.

3.  Packaging Design 

Restaurant package design plays the role of an ambassador for the brand. It has consummate information related to the restaurant as an entity. We use the finest quality material that precludes leakage. We offer a variety of restaurant packaging designs with different sizes and patterns. The designs on all kinds of packages have a logo that comprises brand identity. Like all other steps, we credit high value to this step during the campaign of restaurant branding in India.

4. Theme of the Restaurant

The restaurant theme backstops in brand identification and therefore we always suggest a restaurant theme. The restaurant themes have been an unbreakable part of the restaurant branding in India for ages. They are related to music, romance, casual dining. Its base can be cuisine, the vision of the restaurant, or any message that the restaurant brand wants to convey to society. For example, a South Indian or a North Indian Restaurant can have the theme of greenery because it supports the idea- ‘Save Environment’. Similarly, an Italian restaurant can have an Italian theme with Italian interior decoration, Italian masterpieces, Italian panache, etc. The restaurant theme differentiates brand recognition and brand identity during restaurant branding in India. However, it should be aberrant.

5. Uniform Design

If the restaurant theme does not include the uniforms of the staff members, we provide uniform designs as well. We take care of using the logo, required colors with appropriate texture, and the name or the initials of the restaurant while designing forms. We always design the uniforms as a part of restaurant branding in India campaigns for all our clients. Uniform designing gives a dignified mien. It conveys the devotedness to serve the customers’ and employees’ fidelity to the brand.

6. Menu Design

In menu design, we cover the garb of the menu, the sequence of the recipes, the placement of the names of the dishes, the pricing, the material used for the menu, etc. As a step before it, we also participate in the recipe development, SOP and MRP evaluations, presentation SOP’s, deciding categories for menu, pricing of menu items after calculating costs, hiring & training of the new staff members during the restaurant branding.

7. Importance of Restaurant Concept Design

The coverage of branding and concept during restaurant branding in India is a restaurant theme, menu, interior decoration of the dine-in space, creative presentation and plating, etc. One can design a restaurant concept after getting inspiration from family values of culture, availability of ingredients, the heritage of the city, town or country, cuisines of different places or regions, etc. Restaurant concept design gives a definition to the brand and it sets the pathway for implementing the operations. The restaurant branding in India creates an ambiance that triggers emotional delectation.

The ambience makes the people sit in the restaurant and spend time the way they want. The service provider for marketing and branding takes care of the size and adjustment of the logo on the entry door, different kinds of signboards, and message boards; for example, reception, menu boards, dustbin, restaurant, bar, restroom, smoke area, etc. The dining room is the centre of attraction during restaurant branding in India, one must take special care of it to make it comfortable and attractive.

8. Layout in Designing

Layout is the configuration for the arrangement or placement of article, furniture, seating area, etc. The two factors driving the layout of the restaurant are the cuisines and the area available for the kitchen. The appropriate steps of restaurant branding in India the designs of the exterior always catch the eyes of potential customers, bringing them in and let them savour the services.


The concept development and restaurant branding in India is ready to the core after a thorough market research that results in top-of-the-line designs. A right Branding always pays off and the story of branding correctly. The credit goes to none other than he idea that takes it to success. Its all about your decisiveness to keep consistency up which is the key factor to smash in the food & beverage industry.  



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