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A Clear Plan, Is A Clear Win!

 DNY Hospitality, led by Yash Dalwani, excels in .Restaurant Kitchen Planning—an essential aspect of commercial kitchen design. As a prominent kitchen planning consultant in India and the USA, DNY prioritizes the kitchen plan in restaurant consulting. This crucial step, dependent on menu and cuisine considerations, forms the backbone of an efficient and functional kitchen setup.

A Great Restaurant Kitchen Planning ensures below specific goals

  1. Optimum Space utilisation
  2. Proper sections created to handle multiple cuisines
  3. Multi-use of Kitchen Equipment
  4. A detailed plan & design with exact specifications of materials to be used.
  5. A Right civil, electrical, drainage and storage planning
  6. Customised sizes of Kitchen equipment, with an aim to use in smaller kitchen areas.
  7. Ensuring a high-quality gauge of steel or material of equipment.
  8. Ensuring Staff feel at comfort in the kitchen environment
  9. Properly planned exhaust & fresh-air system.
  10. Ensuring the kitchen is apt for gas cooking or induction cooking.

DNY team ensures the kitchen planning based on all the above factors in a commercial kitchen.


These are the most important 10 layouts needed to design a commercial restaurant kitchen


  1. Technical layouts for Kitchen equipment
  2. Technical Main layout of kitchen
  3. Electrical layout
  4. Plumbing layout
  5. Civil layout
  6. Exhaust layout
  7. Gas layout
  8. Storage layout
  9. Detailed Equipment specification
  10. BOQ for required cooking equipment

DNY, creates these layouts before the execution starts via third party contractors.  

Process of Working –

We would determine the area of kitchen to be used as per the cuisine finalised, design an intelligent restaurant kitchen technically to ensure highest space utilisation and comfort. We don’t deal in second-hand equipment.

The specification and layouts defined are in exact detail of the quality recommended. The vendors who manufacture follow the guidelines and qualities defined by DNY. The civil execution is taken care by third party contractors, we monitor them remotely.

Importance of Kitchen Planning

An intelligent kitchen ensures lowest space utilisation, customised multi-use of equipment & multi-brand operation from same cloud kitchen. This thereby saving monthly running cost of higher rent in larger space. The excellence in setup is achieved by detailed drawings of each segment in a commercial kitchen.


Majority of kitchen plans can be used for future franchises in multiple locations. One-time standardization is crucial for a brand, in terms of having qualities specified, type of design specified & a standard sequence of placements. May it be a QSR or a delivery kitchen or a bar, a right kitchen and bar plan ensures ease at operations.



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