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In a remarkable journey of hustle and innovation, Yash Dalwani, the entrepreneurial force behind DNY Hospitality, has disrupted the food industry, evolving from a college dropout selling accessories to orchestrating the destinies of numerous food businesses.


Yash's entrepreneurial journey began in school, showcasing his natural business acumen by selling accessories with a remarkable 50% profit margin at just 15 years old. Transitioning to the electronics business during college, Yash's fate led him to the expansive opportunities in the food industry.

Yash’s First Venture - The Birth of WOK 123:

In 2013, Yash's vision materialised with the birth of WOK 123—an Asian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) that rapidly expanded to five outlets in two years. Behind the scenes lay a turbulent journey of challenges, testing Yash's resilience, which he overcame by fortifying the foundation of his business through meticulous processes.

Innovation in Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchens:

In 2014, DNY Hospitality emerged as a pioneer in the Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen business, showcasing Yash's foresight and innovation. The team grew to a strength of 70 people during this phase, leading the industry with scalability and adaptability.

"Sugar lipss" – A Zero Operating Cost Luxury Bakery:

Diversifying further in 2015, Yash launched "Sugar lipss," a luxury bakery cloud kitchen business operating on a zero operating cost model. This groundbreaking business operated on a zero operating cost model, featuring 12 dark kitchen outlets across all corporate areas in Mumbai. The dark kitchen model was a revolutionary industry innovation, marked by a strategic approach—forging tie-ups with existing kitchens, standardising DNY's distinctive cake flavours, and implementing streamlined processes enabling kitchens to fulfil cake orders in less than 1 hour. This innovative dark kitchen model revolutionised the industry.

The Path Enhanced - DNY’s Consulting Business:

In the year 2017, The unexpected turn into consulting, ignited by the acquisition of WOK 123, led Yash to birth the consulting business. Consulting for over 250+ F&B brands, DNY Hospitality sets a benchmark for entrepreneurs embracing opportunities and innovating through the journey.

Consulting For Chain Brands - with a New Age Kitchen Design and Process:

Currently reshaping the landscape for scaling brands like Yewale Amruttulya (360-outlet chain), Burger Lounge (55+ Outlets chain) and many more, DNY Hospitality is crafting a High tech kitchen design for demonstrating efficiency and innovation, and setting up sustainable & scalable business processes.

Yash’s Core Values and Vision:

Defined by authenticity, empathy, scalability, and innovation, Yash's journey extends beyond business success. His vision includes empowering street hawkers through the "EK NAYA" initiative and revolutionising the food industry with increased automation.

Launch of “EK NAYA” - A Charity Initiative for Unorganized Street Hawkers:

In 2023, Yash initiated "EK NAYA," transforming unorganised street food hawkers into a sustainable and organised ecosystem through upgraded kiosk formats and process-driven business models.

Yash's Vision for the Future:

  • Revolutionising the Food Industry: Yash envisions transforming the food industry with increased automation with high-tech kitchen planning and scalable and sustainable business models.
  • Empowering Street Food Hawkers: By 2025, Yash aims to breathe new life into 2500 street food hawkers, providing them with a structured vision for growth, restructuring their setup & digitising them.
  • Global Expansion through Franchising: In 2024, Yash plans to franchise DNY Hospitality's consulting business internationally to the USA. 


Yash Dalwani's decade of wisdom encapsulates invaluable lessons in business mastery, from operational intelligence arising from failures to the transformative power of elevating street food into a QSR chain. His relentless pursuit of success sets a remarkable precedent in the culinary landscape.





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