Kitchen Revamping

A Passion to Promote Modernism, Efficiency and Dynamics Through Kitchen Revamping.

Kitchen Revamping

Our Expertise

Expertise in Efficient Production Flow

We Streamline The Production To Maximise Your Productivity and Create Seamless Operations.

Space Planning for Staff Efficiency

Specializing in Efficient Space Planning For Swift Service.

Technical Services for Seamless Operations

Robust Technical Infrastructure To Provide You With Smooth Operations

Minimising Food Prep Time

Innovative Strategies for A Faster And Quality Service For Your Customers.

Who Needs This Service

  • Restaurants of all types.
  • Kiosks and Cloud Kitchens.
  • Fast Food Chains and QSRs Bar and Pub Kitchens.
  • Existing Cafes and Coffee Shops.

Our Approach

A Business Can Become A Brand.


Areas Of Concern In Kitchen Revamping

Experiencing These Challenges?

  • Unrevamped kitchens: cluttered layouts, longer prep times.
  • Neglecting revamp: outdated systems, disruptions.
  • Space oversight creates wasted area, limited prep.

Need For DNY's Expert Advice

We Hold the Solution.

  • Enhanced workflow results in efficient, organised, productive.
  • Modern systems contributes reliability, efficiency, expertise.
  • Space mastery helps in optimal movement, productivity.



Note of Success

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Efficient kitchen design optimises limited space, plans production scale,and sections meticulously. Our layouts are well planned with equipment placements to optimise the flow of food production. An organised kitchen design aims at minimising order delays, limited manpower to operate and a speedy operational flow. Precision layouts minimise safety hazards. The Work-Flow Triangle guides systematic and efficient production. Automation is our key ingredient.

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