Menu Engineering

Inventive Menu Engineering With Industry Leaders Unifying Taste, Consistency, And Profitability.

Menu Engineering

Our Approach

Taste Palate Analysis

Exploring flavors for unparalleled dining experience for your customers.

Recipe and Consistency

Exceeding standards with consistently serving you with delightful dishes.

Profit Maximisation

Thoughtfully curated menu: favorites (70%), unique dishes (30%) with exclusive selling points.

Recipe Automation

Embracing technology for efficient culinary innovation and reduced costs for your feasibility.

Who Needs This Service

  • Passionpreneurs In The Food Business.
  • Existing Businesses Facing Challenges In Profit Margins And Revenue.
  • QSR Chain Brands.
  • F&B Chain Businesses.

  • Startups And Investors In F&B Space.
  • Cafe And Coffee Shop Visionaries. 
  • Kiosk Startups.
  • Fast Food Chain Executives And Visionary Leaders.
  • Culinary Entrepreneurs And Food Innovators.

Our Approach

A Business Can Become A Brand.


Areas Of Concern in Menu Engineering

Experiencing These Challenges?

  • Menus Impact Profits, Underperform Dishes. 
  • Lacking Strategy Leads to Inconsistency.
  •  Manual Engineering Diverts Focus, Laborious.
Need for DNY's Expertise

Need for DNY's Expertise

We Hold the Solution.

  • Profit Maximisation Expertise Optimises Menu Selection, Pricing.
  •  On Ground Recipe Automation Ensures Consistency. 
  • Taste Palate Analysis Enables Personalised Curation, Satisfaction.

Note Of Success

Founders Message

Project Preview
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In the FnB space, menu engineering is the backbone of the business. Our approach is towards having a consistent menu, ensuring recipe uniformity through Standardization for quality, taste and low-skill dependence. And while we savour every flavour, we're equally focused on 'Profit Maximization' and efficient 'Food Costing. A Right Menu strategy is having 70% focus on acceptable and relatable food dishes V/S 30% USPs to create a market differentiation. Menu engineering aims at a right culinary success.

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