Menu Revamping

Taste the transformation with our expertise through your redesigned menu.

Menu Revamping

Our Expertise

Menu Design & Recipe Optimisation Expertise

Transforming Your Recipes To Innovate Menus for Efficiency.

Strategic Supplier Sourcing and Negotiation

We Specialize in Reliable Suppliers To Provide You With Maximum Profit.

Process-Driven Kitchen Operations

Designing Efficient Process-Driven Kitchen Operations For Your Comfort.

Profit-Focused Kitchen Management

We Create Profit-Oriented Operations For Sustained Profitability and Growth.

Who Needs This Service

  • Restaurants of all types.
  • Kiosks And Cloud Kitchens.
  • Fast Food Chains, QSRs, Bars And Pub Kitchens.
  • Existing Cafes And Coffee Shops.

Our Approach

A Business Can Become A Brand.


Areas Of Concern In Menu Revamping

Experiencing These Challenges?

  • Without Revamping, Menus Lose Customer Interest, Restrict Revenue. 
  • Neglecting Menu Revamping Overlooks High-Profit Items, Limits Potential. 
  • Failing to Adapt to Trends Hampers Competitiveness.




Need For DNY's Expertise

We Hold the Solution.

  • Revamping Adds Excitement, Drives Engagement, Boosts Loyalty.
  • Data-Driven Approach Identifies High-Margin Items, Maximises Revenue.
  •  Expertise Ensures Competitive Edge, Strong Market Presence.


Note of Success

Founders Message

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In the FnB space, menu engineering is the backbone of the business. Our approach is towards having a consistent menu, ensuring recipe uniformity through Standardization for quality, taste and low-skill dependence. And while we savour every flavour, we're equally focused on 'Profit Maximization' and efficient 'Food Costing. A Right Menu strategy is having 70% focus on acceptable and relatable food dishes V/S 30% USPs to create a market differentiation. Menu engineering aims at a right culinary success.

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