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Slow Cooking Shaideg QSR

Slow Cooking Shahi - Deg QSR

  • North Indian slow-cooked cuisine QSR with an earthen pot experience.
  • Signature dishes in chicken, mutton, and vegetarian options.
  • Emphasis on fabulous taste through slow cooking.
  • Designed for high footfall areas with pan India acceptability.
Coconut Concept

Coconut QSR Concept

  • Unique healthy QSR concept for a Single-ingredient focus with lean operations.
  • Distinctive offerings in Chia-infused coconut water, honey-drizzled coconut pancakes, and fruit-chocolate coconut blend.
  • Easily expandable across cities with low dependency on skilled staff.
  • Focusing on Busy Locations Nationwide.
Filter Coffee Concept

Filter Coffee QSR Concept

  • Specializing in Filter Coffee within a massy QSR concept.
  • Lean setup, minimal overheads, and equipment multi-utilization.
  • Easy expansion across multiple cities with low skilled manpower dependence.
  • Targeting busy areas like residential complexes, colleges, stations, and corporate zones.
Biryani Centric QSR

Biryani Centric QSR

  • Addressing the gap with a focused biryani concept in a massy QSR format.
  • Lean operations with limited SKU's and low wastages for cost control.
  • Easily scalable across cities due to simplified processes and low food cost.
  • Targeting high footfall areas like residential complexes, colleges, stations, and corporate zones.
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The need for innovation

With Fastest Growing Indian F&B concepts, the market is diversified in various tangible categories of acceptance and has also seen a downfall with untra unique trends. The market readiness is the key area where businesses need to focus on with creating innovative concepts that are acceptable quicker.

How DNY Extends Support

Our Expertise

How DNY Extends Support

Our company is positioned to empower food businesses by guiding them to scale and thrive within these distinctive concepts. With our expertise, we facilitate a seamless transition into these innovative ideas, offering strategic insights to navigate the nuances of the conceptual QSR domains. 

Upcoming Concepts Flow

Navigating Concepts and Amplifying Success Through Our Acumen

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of these emerging trends, we enable businesses to embrace tradition while incorporating modern convenience, thus ensuring a captivating culinary journey for diverse palates. Through tailored strategies, our consultancy propels food ventures towards prosperity, translating unique concepts into profitable realities. 

Innovation and Market Readiness Goes Shoulder To Shoulder!

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