Bar Design

Bar Design

Jul 30

At DNY, we believe that one of the key elements to the design of a bar is capturing the interest of the customer so that they stay for the evening rather than move onto another bar. Not only this, but at the same time the staff being at the highest of their comfort with cocktail making & mixology.

We do this by creating functional interiors that visually stimulate the senses & an apt technical design of a bar. Comfortable seating arrangements are integral to this, as is creating an environment in which people be at ease and away from the stresses of the hectic pace of life.

We also take in to account the ‘hub’ of the bar, we carefully plan out the right amount of stations, making sure that everything fits and is in exactly the right place, thus achieving maximum efficiency behind the bar. Serving the customers quickly and avoiding queues is paramount to a successful operation.

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