Dum Shahi Biryani

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What is Dum Shahi Biryani?

DUM SHAHI recreates the authentic experience of a biryani with deliciously complex blend of flavours, spices and aroma. “Mughals” bought the biryani culture to India, “DUM SHAHI” preserves it.

DUM SHAHI is a biryani-centric brand launched by DNY Hospitality Pt. Ltd. With an experience of 15+ years in hospitality consulting, DNY is engaged in reviving the restaurant industry with 3 principles –

“Authentic taste and value”, “low-operating cost” & “High Returns”.

Our extensive research on the science of biryani palate, enabled us to keep the traditional taste intact, yet create it as a low-cost food business model. Hence declared  “The Biryani Experts”.

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1. Existing Kitchens can adopt this brand quickly with negligible investment.

2. Additionally New business startups can adopt Dum Shahi in a multi-brand cloud kitchen franchise as a primary brand.

3. Authentic “Dum” process of cooking served in a Matka.

4. Optimized Business Model, SOPs, Processes.

5. Secret Formula for Multi-use of Equipment to give a Shahi Dum Taste

6. Preparation time of only 25 Mins.

7. Semi-Skilled Staff required.

8. Automation in business, smooth and hassle-free functioning.

9. ROI within 1 year.

10. Smart Kitchen with minimum Operational Cost.

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Did You Know? Clay Pot Cooking

1. Clay Pots are the most
alkaline in nature &
healthiest cooking option.

2.Slow cooking process cuts down that extra oil too.

3. Adds in many beneficial nutrients like calcium,
phosphorus, iron,
magnesium and sulfur
to food.

Dum Shahi Brings in the culture back to India, to adopt Traditional cooking style in the regular day to day lifestyle. Authentic Dum Biryani’s now at the comfort of home in Clay pot.

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