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A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh

Franchise of Restaurant – Food is the best way to learn and explore a culture that you don’t know much about! Discover a whole range of tantalizing flavors that take you on an expedition to the second largest continent, right in your city.

Binge on warm instant meals prepared with the sauces and spice blends of the naturally rich African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, the African Bird’s Eye Chilli and the addictive aromas of the rich West African peanuts, as you indulge in a glimpse of our great African heritage.

While Kuku means Chicken and Chap Chap means Instant, the menu will majorly explore African fast-food with Grilled Chicken – franchise of restaurant

franchise of restaurant kuku chap chap

Opportunity – Franchise of Restaurant

Burgers, Rolls, Rice preparations and more. With spices, condiments, marinades and sauces imported from various African Countries, we can guarantee a true and natural African cuisine experience to our clients and patrons.

Why you should become our Franchise?

  1. Unique cuisine and food menu, first time in India.
  2. Whacky and catchy brand name
  3. Management experience of over 20 years
  4. Intelligent branding and marketing
  5. Well researched Menu
  6. Ready-made sauces and Marinades supplied
  7. Low Investment Franchise options
  8. Suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs
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  • Value for Money meal options
  • Unmatched online marketing skills
  • Detailed Franchise of restaurant manuals and training
  • Easy to setup operations
  • Quick ROI and Profitability

How you can become our Franchise?

Send in your detailed inquiry with location and other details in the form and we will connect with you instantly.

How much will be the Investment?

Delivery Kitchen (Online orders only) – Rs. 7 to 9 lacs
QSR Outlet with seating – Rs.12 to 15 lacs

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