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Beyond Just Baking!

Sugar Lipss is not just a mere baking venture but an undying desire to mark every occasion as a memorable one. Our roller coaster ride of a life mixes up our happy days with dull ones. We believe that making your happy days immensely enjoyable is the key to celebrating life! – Home bakers business

What makes us special?​

We customize all things possible to make your special day, a carnival of your being. From offering a wide range of specially crafted CAKES to Greeting Cards, Flowers to personalized Gift Ideas and so on, we tailor the entire experience. Our entire approach is personalized to mimic anything and everything that brings out happiness for our customers

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Home Bakers, Home Enterpreneurs!

This is a low investment online bakery and cake shop model wherein this business can be started from a small space or home and benefit from the ultra-high online traffic looking for cakes and celebration ideas in corporates.

Why you should become our Franchise?

  1. Unique low investment business model.
  2. Popular brand name with over 15 outlets
  3. Management experience of over 20 years
  4. Intelligent branding and marketing
  5. Well researched Menu
  6. Low Investment Franchise options.
  7.  Suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs
  8. Unmatched online marketing skills
home bakers business

9. Detailed Franchise manuals and training

10. Easy to setup operations

11. Quick ROI and Profitability


How you can become our Franchise?

Send in your detailed inquiry with location and other details in the form and we will connect with you instantly.

How much will be the Investment?

Delivery Kitchen (Online orders only) – Rs. 5 to 7 lacs
(Option to setup the Home bakers too, thereby reducing the investment further)

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