Culinary Training & Management

Culinary Training & Management

Jul 30

DNY Hospitality – an expert Restaurant consulting company In India & USA, that provides culinary training for Restaurants & Hotels. With a team of head chefs and corporate chefs, DNY is been able to provide the best culinary training & Restaurant staff training.

Once the first step of Menu planning is done & recipes are standardized, the next major step is having the menu executed & trained to the team.

Culinary Training involves 7 steps –

  1. Standardizing recipes & ingredients
  2. Food trials
  3. Training the kitchen team for recipes
  4. Creating SOP’s for food consistency
  5. Training for use of right portion size and gramage of ingredients.
  6. Training for proper style of cutting and chopping
  7. Use of styles of vegetable shapes & sizes for different cuisines.
  8. Food plating & presentation skills
  9. Mock Trials before soft launch
  10. Menu knowledge training for the team
  11. Training for service team, serving styles, etiquette, menu knowledge, ingredient specifications, customer handling in case of complaints
  12. Feedback analysis & improvements.

During the Culinary training and food trials, the restaurant team performance is analysed by DNY team and required training is provided. DNY aims at 100% efficiency in team training, so as to the business operates with a great structure in place, along with a tempting menu.

Operational SOPs are also a part of kitchen team training, to ensure correct inventory management, ordering and receiving structures, kitchen log book, wastage book & shift-wise mise-en-place procedures.

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