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Revolutionizing the Industry with consistent innovation in the Food-Tech & Food Business Automation!

The Experts!

CEO & Director of Strategy is Mr. Yash Dalwani “The Mastermind” of F&B Business Innovation & Process Consulting. Being the Pioneer to introduce “Cloud Kitchen Concept” in India in the year 2011, transforming the industry to forecast USD 139.37 billion by 2028 with his cutting-edge innovation. He has always believed in “Low Operating Cost” to succeed in any business. In his 10+ years of Business consulting with building 350+ successful brands, his quick tip is “Business Automation is Key to Scalability”.

Co-Founder & Creative Director “Miss Nikita Dalwani” is the master of human centred concept development & market strategy to re-define the brand’s customer experience from scratch. Transforming over 200 Businesses in her 9+ Years of Consulting and Brand positioning, her quick tip to young budding entrepreneurs is “To Not Just Sell Food but Sell An Overall Experience”!

Chairman Mr. Vijay Dalwani – A Big Giant in Mentorship, Hospitality & Wellness Consulting, has built, established and operated multifarious companies and multi-national organisations since 25+ years. His Experience has been in various sectors of  Hospitality, Food-technology, Corporates, E-sports, Resort, Hotels, Wellness, Lifestyle, Event and Talent Management. Quick Tip from him is “Operate a Business like Each-Day-Is-Profitable”!

Revolutionary Vision

Our 15 years of experience enables you to get a trusted direction, consulting and give a strong start to your business.

We aim to Revolutionize and expand in next 10 years by:

  1. Bridging in 70% Automation in Food Businesses.
  2. Nudging unorganized businesses towards being organized.
  3. Expanding to 7 more countries with 1000+ projects in next 5 years.
  4. Help Legendary brands to scale up with a franchisable plan.
  5. Helping Legendary brands to have a “hassle-free” operational excellence to justify every customer’s experience.

Owning a restaurant that can be started with a low investment can be one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life since, and can open up a slew of new possibilities since, restaurant market is growing rapidly in the world

We aim to create a well-defined framework for the Brand & standardize business operations. We aid you in running your company model hassle-free.


Key Note to Entrepreneurs

Key Note to the Restaurant Industry:

  1. Create a brand with minimum operating cost and limited manpower.
  2. Achieve brand level expansion by standardising every process, design, plan, code of conduct and the menu.
  3. Have a Process-dependent business and not people-dependent.
  4. Having a unique brand identity and an easy re-call value is they key to quicker success.
  5. Have a specific 5 years vision before starting a business, strategies all possibilities, challenges, market gap, risks before creating a concrete model.


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