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What is a Central Kitchen?

A central kitchen, sometimes known as a commissary kitchen, is an internal facility that delivers food or commodities to restaurant branches under a single company for usage or sale at each site. Owners of central kitchens can also rent out their space to small restaurants, food trucks, and mobile food carts who don’t have the space to keep and prepare huge quantities of food.

Benefits of Owning a Central Kitchen

Here are some of the Benefits of Central Kitchen :

  • Business Expansion – While you’ll use your central kitchen to supply things for your restaurants, it also allows your company to branch out into other industries like food retail and wholesale. Do people gush about your tomato sauce and ask for the recipe all the time? You may jar and sell it at local markets using the space and resources of a central kitchen. Benefits of Central Kitchen is that due to it you can expand your food business easily.
  • Consistency in Taste and Quality – a central kitchen helps you in maintaining the consistency. The more you produce in-house, the less likely you are to receive things that do not fulfil your expectations.
  • Brand Name and Signature Style – Having consistent quality and taste can give rise to your unique brand that can be recognized by people all over. maintaining the quality helps your customers identify you with your signature cooking style or the ingredients that you make in-house.
  • Helps Increase Efficiency – A central kitchen greatly improves your efficiency by automating your processes, streamlining your procedures, and batching tasks.

Challenges faced In Setting Up A Central Kitchen

  • Purchasing process: What kind of purchasing process would you like to create between your locations and your central kitchen?
  • Equipment: What equipment will you need, and how much will it cost?
  • Maintenance: How will you maintain your facilities?
  • Storage: Where will you store your products before you ship them out?
  • Delivery: What are the transportation logistics of your delivery process?
  • Human Resources: Who will handle the hiring and logistics of your central kitchen staff?
  • Layout: How will you design your central kitchen for greatest efficiency, organization, and cleanliness?
  • Communications: What system will you use to ensure clear, transparent, and direct communication between your branches and central kitchen?
  • Food management: How will you manage food waste, leakage, and theft?
  • Operations: How will you design your operations to run effectively?

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