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DNY – Cloud kitchen Pioneers

DNY Hospitality is a leading cloud kitchen consulting company, successfully completing 67 cloud kitchen establishments Globally.

A Dark kitchen concept is a back-end operating delivery kitchen that accepts incoming orders only through online ordering systems with no seating facility.

Cloud Kitchens have revolutionized the Restaurant Industry with proven success stories around the world- As per Research done by cloud kitchen consultant in India.


Types of Cloud Kitchens

There are different kinds of cloud kitchens and we discuss here all the types in brief.

1. Co-Working Kitchen cloud kitchens

An entity invests in a huge cloud kitchen space divided into multiple cuisine setup, basic civil electric and technical setup. Now leases out small areas to number of different entities to start their cloud brands.

2. Single Brand- Single Cuisine

An entity starts a cloud kitchen to operate single centric brand in a single centric cuisine online.

3. Multi Brand-Single Cuisine

An entity starts a cloud kitchen with multiple brands with single cuisines and create separate identities of their brands online.

4. Multi brand- multi cuisine 

An entity starts a cloud kitchen with multiple brands with multiple cuisines and create separate identities of their brands online.

5. Virtual Brand-In-Existing Restaurant

An existing café or restaurant owner can leverage their kitchen space to operate additional cloud brands in similar or unique product range.

Less Known Facts

Cloud kitchens have a high presence on online aggregator platforms. In addition, they must have a high brand recall value by restaurant branding & concept. This implies the primary source of revenue for these internet restaurants is through the food ordering platforms, for instance Swiggy, Zomato, uber-eats and more. It is Extremely important for a cloud kitchen to have a great branding and marketing strategy because their audience is only limit to online.


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