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Franchise Development

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Franchise Development

As India’s leading franchise development consultant, we urge new investors to consider low-cost food franchise development options. Above all, DNY believes in having a well-developed, easy-to-expand operations module, based on his 15+ years of expertise as a food franchise consultant. Because the earlier the franchise owner becomes profitable from the business, the better the concept, the lesser the investment, and the smoother the operations plan is. DNY hospitality franchise consultant’s expertise includes establishing your own brand in the chosen area, promoting it, and assisting on future franchise expansion plans.

Our goals:

  • F&B brands do look for growth strategies.
  • Legacy brands with goodwill but no growth strategy.
  • Understanding of the customer segment vis-à-vis brand design.
  • Market study of consumer palette and taste preference.
  • Uniqueness in taste, service and approach.
  • Well defined operational processes, financial model, technology.
  • National marketing strategies.

Project Initialization

  • Project Initialization Starts with an audit – Our head chef conducts a detailed audit on issues faced in Project Initialization, Challenges in current business, overall standards of current working standards of Menu and will put a plan of action to automate the process.
  • Menu Consistency SOPs– Optimizing All Menu Items, Descriptions, MRP, Spice Levels, Dish Tags, Combos. This Successful Menu has niche positioning, single-centric product focused, additional accompaniments for revenue boost, Average order value boosters & easy decision-making intelligence in online ordering.
  • Kitchen planning standards– Main layout, Electrical layout, Plumbing layout, coordinating layout, exhaust layout.
  • Standard operating process and franchise process –
    1) Inventory management SOPs
    2) Cash management SOPs
    3) Sales management SOPs
    4) Who reports to whom?
    5) Owner’s training
  • Franchise investment & ROI– We create business model for franchise investment and ROI.
  • Franchise reporting– We make detail parameter of franchise reporting structures.

Model Development

  • Financial Model
  • Franchise Operation
  • Reporting structure
  • Royalty and Commission SOPs
  • Staff replacement & hiring SOPs
  • Business code of conduct
  • Procurement SOPs

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