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Hotel Consulting

As a firm who specializes in Hotel Consulting we would also like to educate people regarding hotels. A hotel is a place that charges people to stay for a brief period of time. Inside a hotel room, amenities might range from a low-cost mattress in a small room to enormous suites with larger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen appliances, upholstered chairs, a flat-screen television, and bathrooms. Smaller, lower-cost hotels may only provide the most minimal services and amenities to their guests. Swimming pools, business centers, childcare, conference and event facilities, tennis or basketball courts, gyms, restaurants, day spas, and social function services are all available at larger, higher-priced hotels. Hotel rooms are frequently assigned numbers to help customers locate their rooms. Custom-decorated rooms are available in some boutique, high-end hotels. 

DNY Hospitality is proud to introduce itself as one of the most knowledgeable hotel consulting firms in the F&B industry. We have specialized in offering assistance for the creation of Hotels over the course of 15 years of experience, have set up hotels in Goa, Kutch (Gujarat) and Nepal as well.


Types Of Hotels

The types of hotels caters to a wide range of markets and can be classed according to the markets to which it aims to attract customers. Following are different types of Hotels.

  • Business Hotels– These hotels are the most common and cater mostly to business travelers. They are typically located in downtown or commercial districts.
  • Airport Hotels– Business travelers, airline passengers with long layovers or cancelled flights, and airline crews or workers are frequent targets for these hotels.
  • Suite Hotels– These are the most recent trends in the hotel sector, as well as the fastest-growing segments. There is a living area and a separate bedroom in such hotels.
  • Extended Stay Hotels– These motels are for long-term visitors who wish to stay longer than a week but don’t want to spend money on hotel accommodations.
  • Resort Hotels– Recreational facilities, landscapes, golf, tennis, sailing, skiing, and swimming are all available at these hotels. Guest experiences at resort hotels are delightful and memorable, which encourages guests to return to the resort.
  • Vacation Rentals- These are another new type or area of the hospitality business. These hotels are often known as “Vacation-interval” hotels. Guests at timeshare hotels purchase ownership of accommodations for a set length of time.
  • Wellness Retreats – A wellness retreat combines leisure and education in a unique way. You gain a greater understanding of healthy living while living a fulfilling healthy lifestyle for the duration of the retreat. You can learn about healthy themes such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, and cuisine, as well as heal with therapeutic and calming therapies such as massage and Ayurvedic treatments, among other things. Wellness retreats are intended to make you feel better than when you arrived, rather than fatigued, as many regular vacations do.

Distinguish Based On Service

Now Hotels can also be distinguished on the basis of the level of service they provide so here are some types of hotels :

  • Hotels with a World- class service – These hotels are also known as luxury or Five Star hotels, and their major markets include top business leaders, entertainment celebrities, high-ranking political figures, and rich clients. They offer sophisticated restaurants and lounges, as well as valet, concierge, and private dining services.
  • Hotels with a Mid- Range Service – The majority of the travelling public prefers hotels that are mid-range or otherwise 3 to 4-star hotels. This type of hotel does not offer elaborate service or sufficient manpower. Uniformed service, food and beverage room service, in-room entertainment, and Wi-Fi are all available.
  • Hotels providing Limited Service – These hotels give customers with clean, pleasant, safe, and affordable rooms that suit their fundamental needs. Budget hotels cater mostly to budget-conscious travelers who desire a room with the bare minimum of services and amenities essential for a comfortable stay without having to pay more for superfluous extras.

These were some of the types of hotels distinguished on the basis of the level of service they provide, if you are operating a hotel or are interested in opening one do let us know.

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