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Introduction To Lounge Bars

DNY Hospitality is proud to share is our expertise in the Lounge Bar’s segment of Hospitality. We have a wide range of experience in this field with successfully setting up night clubs, lounge bars projects like Guzzlers, Same Place Same Time, BuckingRum Bar, Bar Station and many more. Lounge Bars are one of those projects in which we feel extreme creativity is required and feel we are very well possessed with the right tools for it. 

Lounge Bar Business Model Types-

  • Night Club
  • Casual Lounge Bar
  • Pub/ Brewing House
  • Resto Bar

Success Of A Bar!

One of your primary goals will undoubtedly be to successfully manage a busy venue. But how do you determine if your business is going smoothly? What characteristics define a successful bar? The following are some key attributes to strive for:

  • Consistently busy– Satisfied customers will return to a venue if they have a great experience, to repeat the same and to feel the same positive and ‘happy’ emotions (associated with their great experience) they felt last time.
  • Profitable- There’s no use in running a company that doesn’t make the most money possible. Profitability is such an important component in the hospitality sector that 99.9% of bars on the planet exist to earn a profit.
  • Consistent in offering– A successful bar will have a clearly defined and consistent genre of entertainment,product offering, and service skills. There are many ways in which you can entertain your customers, be it live music, stand up comedy or some fun games but as a bar owner always try to engage customers in activities. If the bar is continuously busy, it’s on the right track.
  • Educates it’s customers– A victorious bar may have a solid reputation as an educator or thought leader in its chosen niche. Customers love learning about their drinks (and food), particularly wine and beer.

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