Central Kitchen Setup

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Central Kitchen Setup

A central kitchen setup centralizes the cookery operations of multiple kitchens. It serves the major ingredients or components for effectuating other food items. The diverse restaurants may be present at the same or different locations as their commercial establishments. The central kitchen for chain outlets equips either the ingredients or the entire dishes for other outlets to utilize them but does not harness services to the individuals as retail or cloud kitchen outlet. A central kitchen setup also manages to send them to the respective locations or restaurants. This attribute gratifies small startup restaurants who have less area for operations and are established remotely.

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How Does DNY help in Central Kitchen Setup?

The major points on the trajectory to commence a central kitchen are:

  1. Designing the layout
  2. Planning the equipment
  3. Purchasing the ingredients
  4. Employing Food Technology
  5. Strategizing storage
  6. Developing transportation tactics
  7. Recruiting the staff
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The advantages associated with it are sufficient to encourage you and feel optimistic about it. It completely validates its name that has ‘central’ in it because it acts as a center for key components of the final food item. Here are some more benefits of a central kitchen setup

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Smoother operations
  3. More income
  4. Prosperous business
  5. Consistent Taste
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Procurement & Liaisoning

We are committed to becoming a one-stop solution for our valuable clients by helping them to procure & liaison whatever they demand in carrying out their operations. We have already established business tie-ups with all kinds and categories of vendors for Restaurant & Hotel supplies. Our association will make the supply chain management of your central kitchen setup far easier without any quality concerns. We may help you with procurement related to the kitchen equipment, food packaging, staff hiring, raw material, staff uniform, fire safety, cutlery & crockery, etc.

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Consistency in Taste

Most of the time, many restaurant owners may establish a central kitchen setup for manufacturing an end-to-end product. This is a step towards branding. McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, and other international brands manufacture their products entirely in their in-house operations and therefore they can serve a distinctive taste for which the world is crazy. It requires multiple attempts for recipe development and menu designing. Our team of experts stands by the clients until we build up the taste that they want.

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