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Co-Working Is A Co-Success!

A Cloud kitchen concept – Co-working cloud kitchen is a fairly huge delivery kitchen where multiple entities operate their cloud brands. There are separate technical sections created in a co-working kitchen for each cuisine or a set of cuisines with a fully equipped structure. The co-working kitchen is complaint with the required civil, electrical, drainage, gas, plumbing, exhaust and storage system. Multiple businesses can then come in the ready kitchen, immediately plug and play their brand and fully operate as an individual cloud kitchen.

DNY hospitality helps in setting up a co-working cloud kitchen with a technically intelligent infrastructure, with an aim


Cloud kitchen concept

of optimum Space utilization.

Area suggested for a co-working cloud kitchen is more than 2000 sq. ft. In this space fairly 6 to 7 cloud brands can be operated.

There are 2 best cloud kitchen concept into the co-working kitchen model-

  1. Standard Investment – High Returns:

Investing in the infrastructure and setup of co-working kitchens

co-working cloud kitchen concept

with (say) 10 cuisines and 2000 Sq. Feet. Place. Decide to launch your own brand with 1 cuisine and the other sections been leased out to other business owners. The commercial deal with these owners is based on a fixed sale commission model & fixed rent.

2. Low/No Investment – Good Returns:

Partner with a ready co-working kitchen, operate your business in this shared space and start your cloud kitchen with a cuisine. The best part of co-working cloud kitchen concept is, even with a lowest investment you can own a business.

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A fully equipped kitchen to just plug and play, with a monthly rental/commission sounds like a great deal!

The operational processes and SOP’s for this cloud kitchen concept differ in all aspects. The kitchen owner and the tenant being the parties involved, there’s a need for a operating system between the two.

DNY hospitality helps in standardizing a reporting structure for sales and purchase, financial model between the parties and business level management.

How Can We Help?

DNY hospitality helps in end-to-end setup of co-working cloud kitchens.

Listed below is our scope –

  1. Helping onboard licensee for starting cloud brand.
  2. Business model between licensee & kitchen owner.
  3. Financial model
  4. Creating brand from scratch
  5. Kitchen planning
  6. Branding
  7. Menu planning
  8. Staff training

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