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DNY Hospitality is a leading cloud kitchen consultant. With successfully completing 67 cloud kitchen establishments Globally.

A Dark kitchen concept is a back-end operating delivery kitchen that accepts incoming orders only through online ordering systems with no seating facility.

Cloud Kitchens have revolutionized the Restaurant Industry with proven success stories around the world- As per Research done by cloud kitchen consultant in India.


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Types of Cloud Kitchens

1. Co-Working Kitchen

– An entity invests in a huge cloud kitchen space divided into multiple cuisine setup, basic civil electric and technical setup. Now leases out small areas to number of different entities to start their cloud brands.

2. Single Brand-Single Entity

– An entity invests in a kitchen to operate single centric brand or single centric cuisine online.

3. Multi Brand-Single Entity

– An entity invests in a kitchen to multiple brands with multiple cuisines and create separate identities of their brands online.


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4. Virtual Brand-In-Existing Restaurant

An existing café or restaurant owner can leverage their kitchen space to operate additional cloud brands in similar or unique product range.

Cloud kitchens have a high presence on online aggregator platforms. In addition, they must have a high brand recall value by restaurant branding & concept. This implies the primary source of revenue for these internet restaurants is through the food ordering platforms, for instance Swiggy, Zomato, uber-eats and more. It is Extremely important for a cloud kitchen to have a great branding and marketing strategy because their  audience is only limit to online.


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We are heading towards prosperity as one of the most demanded cloud kitchen Consultant in India. Here are some of the reasons that we would like to exhibit prominently.

  1. 67+ Cloud Kitchens Setup Expertise
  2. One-Stop Solution
  3. End-to-End Approach for Brand Creation
  4. 15 Years’ Experience
  5. DNY Kitchens Franchise Opportunity for Low-Investment

With a structured plan of consulting, you can highly aim for one particular direction your brand creation from scratch. DNY Creative team, Head chef team, operations and setup team work in an alignment towards the same.

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DNY Hospitality’s End-to-End Plan and Guidance as a Cloud Kitchen Consultant

We have developed an end-to-end plan and guidance in cloud kitchen consulting, considering the fresher as well as the competent professionals in the food & business industry. This plan has undergone profound research and the present version is updated according to the scenario of 2020.

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The New Investors approach us with or without an idea. The experienced entrepreneurs have a business plan ready mostly. We have resources and intelligence to cater to our clients at all stages customized.

  1. Brand Ideation & Concept
  2. Branding & Design
  3. Menu planning
  4. Culinary Training
  5. Kitchen planning
  6. Procurement & Liaison
  7. SOP’s & Management

Our Projects

Kebab-E-Ishq (Cloud Kitchen)

Cloud Kitchen Concept is the most successful model in Restaurant Business, which Kebab-E-Ishq proved being in the heart of Mumbai city with their Authentic Mughlai offerings. With a successful delivery only brand consulting, we helped them upscale with 2 more brand additions in Italian & Health-based Cuisines. We guided them all way through from hacks of operating Multi-Brands from 1 kitchen, to having the business standardized.

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BreakFirst (Cloud Kitchen)

Wake up in the morning and the first thing which comes to your mind is a healthy breakfast. Now Breakfast is BreakFirst, a healthy morning meal brand as a cloud kitchen providing fresh cold pressed health juices, international range of salads, sandwiches and more from 7 am. Concept began at first with a QSR idea, however understanding lower budgets & higher returns decided to opt for cloud brand. DNY cloud kitchen consultant executed the full project in 1 month.

Midnight Express

We are the pioneers of launching cloud kitchen concept in India (also called as dark Kitchen). With now upgrading as cloud kitchen consultant globally. Year 2012, our flagship store, a cloud kitchen with 3 brands operating under a single kitchen. We created this idea of operating multiple online brands thereby bringing in abundant value for the business, low cost operations, more space to work freely and manage successful brands of different cuisines. The revenue which one kitchen generated would now be 3 times, in the same operating expense.

– DNY Cloud kitchen consultant

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