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Quick As QSR, Comfort As Cafe!

Quick service restaurant consultant – DNY hospitality, with 15+ years of experience in QSR consulting, cloud kitchen, cafes, fine dine & casual diner.

DNY hospitality has completed over 210 F&B project globally since the last 7 years. With the most recommended business models – cloud kitchens & co-working cloud kitchens, DNY also strongly recommends starting a QSR business.

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What is a QSR? Quick Service Restaurant

The main concept of a QSR is having a quick service restaurant and an easy expandable business model. The game of QSR, if created the right way, can expand globally because of its acceptability in modern market. From having a well thought menu, to theme, branding and marketing plan, many QSR’s have grown without bounds.

A QSR – quick service restaurant can be “single centric” product brand, or multi-product brand. Having a short and sweet menu for a quick service restaurant is highly recommended because of its easy-to-operate and serve model.


Cafe Setup

Our vision for consulting is “not selling a product but a concept”. The design of your café is crucial for drawing customers in and enticing them to return. The concept will largely depend on your target audience. There are types of café designs like Sophisticated, family-friendly, Health-focused or coffee centric. Understanding the market base and designing the café concept acceptability is crucial. Considering storefront design, signage, furniture and lighting. Evaluating the efficiency of the layout from both an employee and a customer perspective. A great atmosphere and efficient workflow are critical — their experience can make all the difference.


7 steps to quick service restaurants

These are the 7 Quick steps to start a quick service restaurant business

  1. Always start with a market feasibility study for cuisines that work in target  area.
  2. Cafe Ideation & concept development
  3. Menu Planning
  4. Kitchen Planning
  5. Brand identity & Interior design
  6. Staff hiring & Culinary training
  7. SOP’s and management training

Our Projects


Young college theme quick service restaurant with pocket friendly offerings & a quick-service expertise is something for which “Snackology” is known for. Quick bites is the fastest moving products that adapt a very easy-to-operate module.

Client had no prior experience in the Food Industry, we helped them in the making of their brand from the scratch. By sharing our expertise with them, they have not only excelled their operations but also have successfully attracted majority of youth as per the concept.

snackology quick service restaurant - DNY">

Vice Versa, Cafe

Pune is an ever-growing city in the F&B industry, & one our projects being in FC road “Vice Versa” causal café.

Fergusson College road being a student dominated area, our market study and online data showed up dominant products as Coffees, shakes, burgers and pastas in the overall area orders.

Our focus was to take coffees to another level with the most premium coffee flavours and beans in the menu. We help them procure best coffee machine and our Barista team executed the recipe trials, coffee trials with original latte art.

vice versa cafe- DNY">


WOK123 is the first QSR restaurant business entrant concept in India, based on the theme of “Design your own WOK Box”.
Started in 2013, Wok123 has been the pioneer and inspiration to many similar concepts who now can offer the flexibility of designing a wok meal but allowing the customer to choose the meal base, add preferred toppings and then finish it with a flavor of choice from a vide range of international taste sauces and flavors.
Our taste has always been the talk of the town and has brought us repeat customers time and again.
Currently one of the most popular brand online and 100s of positive reviews and happy tummies.


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