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Dirty Tray Conveyor Table

  • Our breakthrough Patented Innovation for operational excellency inside a Kitchen.
  • Ensures a faster clearance of Food Trays by acting as a bridge between the Front of the House Pickup Area and the Kitchen
  • Very limited human intervention required by the Food Service/Housekeeping team with an effortless mechanism of sliding the trays through the Conveyor to reach the cleaning/washing area in the Kitchen
  • Post the cleaning process, the trays can be easily transferred back to the Order Pickup Area through the Conveyor top.
  • Saves an average of 4 seconds per order in a quick service restaurant setup.
innovation DNY
kitchen innovation

Multi Brand Cloud Kitchen Business

  • Being the Pioneers in India to conceptualize and execute the idea of multiple brands operating under a single cloud kitchen, the first brand was started by us in the year 2012.
  • Against the odds of the integration facility not being available with food aggregators to manage multiple brands orders under a single dashboard, we added 2 more brands which in turn tripled the sales in less than 6 months.
  • The addition of two brands translated to triple sales in less than 6 months
  • We’ve come a long way in terms of optimizing and utilizing the Kitchen space for the best output and multiplication of sales without increasing the overheads.

Baked Cheese Burst Cylinder

  • Overloaded cheese burst bunny chow USP dish conceptualized by DNY Hospitality in Year 2017 with a Baked cheese burst cylinder machine.
  • Dish was Loved by more than 20000+ people.
  • The idea was making a cylinderical design innovated from empty packaged food can which was further used in the cheese burst baking process.
  • The concept not only brought new invention for the USP dish cooking process but also set an example for hospitality business owners to keep hustling until you see success.
cheese burst bunny

Kitchen Robotics

  • Taking a generational leap forward by being the only company in India to work within the Restaurant Industry Automation space.
  • The automation level to manage your restauarant is entirely carried out by Robotics with defined recipes and processes from food preparation to being ready for dispatch.
  • First Pilot Project estimated to go live by the end of year 2022 with the help of an associated partner company in the USA.
  • Curbing the manpower associated overheads by appointing a single person to manage the overall operations.


A Turn Around For Cancer Patients

  • Catering to the niche segment of the society with utmost attention to detail and guided expertise.
  • Understanding the dietary needs and instructions given by the respective doctors and designing patient meal plans who are undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals.
  • A scalable model which can be incorporated in association with any hospital for providing regular meals to the patients.
  • Routine check-ins with the Oncologists for the guidance in recipe creation, the standards in terms of quality to be provided are integral parts for the on-going success of this concept.

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