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Menu Is The Backbone Of Your Brand!

DNY Hospitality provides a structured menu planning service, with a cuisine recommendation in a target market.

Menu planning is the backbone of the food business. A well-planned menu ensures a unique value proposition for your target customer, operational excellence, easy expansion and a great brand recognition.

Menu Planning Process

Menu engineering depends on multiple factors like the customer acceptability, age dynamics, taste palate, concept positioning and area dynamics.

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Step 1- Creating Menu Items, categories & types

DNY hospitality determines the type of menu items to be incorporated based on all mentioned dynamics. For a cloud kitchen the menu is planned being focused on online acceptability, online customer behaviour and preference. The items are named in a wacky style as per the concept and brand language.

Step 2 – Recipe Development

DNY creates top-notch recipes in process of menu planning, with a detailed recipe manual for each dish in the menu planning. Standardizing the recipes ensure a consistent taste throughout, consistent cooking style of every chef in the team, reduce the dependability on particular staff member 


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for the expected taste and aim a scalable future expansion.

Step 3- Mise-en-place Procedure

This step is as crucial as any other in menu planning, because it determines the pre-preparation algorithm in a food production business. A well-planned pre-preparation SOPs or (mise-en-place) base gravies, base flavors and base sauces, ensures a structured production process of dishes. This aims at an efficient large volume order management with negligible delays.

Step 4- Food Costing SOP and MRP Evaluations

DNY sets up a food costing algorithm for defining the cost of every item in the menu in process of menu planning. Costing SOP is developed hand-in-hand with measured grammage of ingredients in each recipe & their cost price. MRP evaluation is done based on the business fixed cost, 


running cost and food cost calculations.

Step 5 – Food Presentation, Packaging Presentation SOPs 

Food presentation & packing style is idealized for each dish. DNY Idealizes the packaging design for avoiding leakage, having the best presentation in home delivery orders and achieve the better customer experience.


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