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Food Is An Art, Technology Is An Artist!

With the growth of  food technology and automation in Hospitality Industry, there is a rise to food technology platforms in the B2C segment. For instance, food delivery platforms like Zomato & Swiggy have been leading the B2C market. With the win-win growth strategy, restaurant businesses tie up with aggregator platforms under a per order commission. Customer on the other hand is 100% satisfied with a comfort of ordering food at home with just a click.

DNY Hospitality launches and markets unique B2B food technology platforms, ensuring automation for restaurant businesses and their franchises.

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Food Technology

Restaurant businesses are operated with 100% automation in inventory management, order taking, reporting, wastage control & manpower management.

Billing Booster” the POS software, marketed by DNY hospitality, brings about an ease in reporting and business standardization.

For any business to succeed and expand with less odds, food technology has played an importance role.

Another software launched by DNY hospitality named “DrinkSmart” – a progressive Stock Exchange style price management software for Bars, Clubs, Lounges. Developed in Germany by the world’s biggest bar stock exchange company, which apparently is the original trademark holder of the brand BarStock,

this tool has over 300 installations world-wide and now DNY brings this amazing software to Asia.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant businesses restructure their SOPs to now contactless operation. Food technology has played again a huge role in supporting contactless menu handling, placing order, mobile payment feature and feedback management. One such software marketed by DNY hospitality named “Eattae” aims at contactless handling.

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