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Because Visual Memory Is The Strongest!

Restaurant Branding Agency in USA & India DNY hospitality believes designing is the process of giving meaning to a specific place by creating and shaping a brand in the consumer’s mind. The brand exists only in the mind of customers if the branding is of a top-notch level. Every brand hold story which branding depicts to their viewers. Each one of these interactions visually tells a story to your customers.

Undoubtedly, the brand’s goal is measured in the way the consumers perceive it. Hence, everything matters when it comes to design the strategy to project your brand.


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We’ll Create! -DNY Restaurant Branding Agency!

DNY hospitality – Restaurant Branding Agency, helps you blend together different brand elements like the company’s name, logo, colour palette, letterhead, etc. to build a remarkable identity.

Brand designing is key components of your brand strategy, be it internal or external. Consistency ensures retention. From your brand logo, concept development, signage board, packaging, uniform or menu design —everything demands a constructive consistency. That’s what we promise at DNY, your one stop restaurant consulting and Restaurant Branding company.



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Brand Story!

With a strong Branding, your brand will gain –





Concept Creation & Brand Story

A great brand concept ensures the below mentioned agenda-

  1. Brand’s vision
  2. Brand’s uniqueness
  3. Brand’s value & success


once upon a dine branding

A Great Concept?

The concept creation of the restaurant when done correctly can have a big impact on turning outsiders into the guest. The story line that the brand communicates is through its visual appearance. The brand language and the visuals when follow a particular direction, that’s called a “Great Concept”

The design considers many factors like the logo on the entry door, the way finding signs that direct the customer to the restroom or the placement of the menu boards.

So, the size of the kitchen and the type of food you are
serving will dictate the kitchen layout.

DNY branding agency in mumbai

Some restaurants have such an eye catchy designing in outside areas, such as deck or patio it automatically turns viewers into guest. We at DNY Hospitality- Restaurant Branding, make sure your restaurant concept is depicted visually by the aesthetics and branding.


With the Concept Development and Brand top-notch designing, the customer connects with the brand naturally, he already starts feeling and imagining the story that the brand is communicating, wants to visit the place repeatedly because the vibes are absorbed. Bottom line by DNY Restaurant Branding “Successful Restaurant sells a concept first, and then the product”

Our Projects

Kale & Quinoa

Health Centric QSR – Kale & Quinoa in the heart of Bandra, A Bohemian Theme creation by DNY team – Branding Agency in Mumbai. Our Creative team started this with the brand ideation, conceptualization & brand designing.

The type of branding is classy, young, bright & Bohemian Inspired.



A Unique Fish-Centric Restaurant with a comfortable seating experience, vibrant colours & combined with a classic theme. As the menu offerings speak about unique fish flavours, the brand visually convinces an urge to step in.

A great brand identity created by DNY hospitality – Branding Agency in Mumbai- with a well-thought execution of interiors & branding.


Burger Canteen

Burgers are the best, branding is the beast! A successful QSR burger speciality, grounded with the roots of a perfect brand language depicted visually.

Vibrant Mustard Identity with a strong black font has successfully created the desired impact among the customers in the first month of their launch. A success story is all about the loyalty a brand gains with a correct brand identity!

Burger Canteen has always been a success in the area with DNY hospitality’s branding.


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