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Retreat Spa Design, Concept & Strategy

We support in defining a details feasibility study, SWOT analysis, road-map of the business model and what Retreat Concepts and spa design will be successful at the desired location.

Retreat Vision & Design

We help you in defining a clear Vision for your Retreat Business and based on the agreed vision, a detailed design of the business model is worked upon, so that the entire picture is crystal clear before initiating any setup work for the Retreat.


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Retreat Plans & Programs

We help draw the detailed plan of action and the various wellness programs which will suit the Retreat Vision.  Each Program is carefully defined with our unmatched experience of International wellness program management, so that we ensure all current trends are incorporated in the Programs to be highly successful.

Retreat Branding & Spa Design

We undertake a holistic view of the vision, strategy, brand value of the business and design the entire brand journey in terms of visualization, design, physical and digital outlook of the business, also the brand communication, colaterals, retreat program brochures and other branding details.

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Retreat Technicals

We will take charge of the physical setup of the retreat, remodelling of spaces as required, inclusion of mandatory facilities like spa rooms, treatment rooms, therapy rooms, leisure zones and other relevant setups.  This is done keeping in mind the Wellness Retreat basics and what attracts the global wellness tourists to opt for specific retreats & spa design program.

Retreat Professionals Recruitment

We liaison on behalf of the retreat with various staffing agencies to provide the required technical and medical staff for the retreat business.  We are the nodal agency to help interview and identify the right candidates for the business.


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Retreat Operations & Training

Our experienced team will help setup the detailed program operations, retreat packages and plans, define the entire journey of the guest from pre-registration to checkout from the retreat. We will define and conducted detailed training for the Retreat staff on all the operational and program attributes in detail. We will also handle the vendor development for all the consumable requirements for the Retreat

Standard Procedures

The entire Retreat business process is documented by us in detailed and all relevant SOPs are ensured the business. We handover a detailed SOP document, covering all important 

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processes of the Wellness Retreat Business.

Wellness Menu Planning

A Wellness Retreat business is as successful as the results experienced by the guests, so besides the detailed plan of Retreat Programs, each plan shall have a well-crafted diet plan, menu and its impact on the retreat guest.  Our expert team of doctors and nutritionists will design the detailed Menu for the Retreat Business along with your spa design.

PR & Marketing Support

Our strong market knowledge and

experience will help the. Retreat Business define a robust PR and Marketing plan to attract high-value clients for the retreat programs.  We shall define the detailed marketing strategy and PR plan of action for the business.

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