Ideas Are Concepts Until Executed.

Brands as creative structures from human minds.

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business is where there is competititon


business is where there is competititon

Failure Stories

business is where there is competititon

Nothing is greater than Feasibility!

An Entrepreneur who wanted to start an extremely unique business of “chops” in India, approached us to setup a QSR business. His inspiration came from a brand in USA that he always admired. The Brand failed in 8 months of operation, these are some underlying reasons for the failure-

  • The product was extremely unique, to be able to gain that market acceptability.
  • Uniqueness should not be greater than feasibility, the procurement of the ingredients was extremely challenging in market like Mumbai.
  • The Owner launched another brand within the same premises to sustain, however the brand required another set of skilled staff to operate, another set of ingredients and this created a chaos.
  • Very low marketing funds and running capital.
  • The passion & product love was greater than the Consultant’s opinions and guidance.

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