Kebab-E-Ishq proved being in Mumbai city that Cloud Kitchen concept is the most successful model in Restaurant Business. With their Authentic Mughlai offerings. With a successful delivery only brand consulting. We helped them upscale with 2 more brand additions in Italian & Health-based Cuisines. We guided them all way through from hacks of operating Multi-Brands from 1 kitchen, to having the business standardized.

The Bombay Roti

The Bombay Roti is a North Indian specialty Cloud kitchen brand in Thane. Spreading its feel throughout with its amazing gravies, Indian curries, tandoors and grills. DNY guided the brand end to end with scalable opportunities. Minimizing loopholes, setting up kitchen, menu engineering and overall training of people. USP – Tandoor and North Indian special, Compact kitchen plan, Profitable Menu engineering, Business Core & Structures.

The Roasting Hut

A Multi-brand cloud kitchen with 2 brands in the same premises. Optimized in term so kitchen planning, technical kitchen space management, and staff multi-optimization. The Roasting Hut being a chicken oriented brand with an online friendly approach to menu. DNY team has given a streamlined direction of execution, kitchen planning, menu engineering, training of staff and branding too.

Dum Shahi Biryani

DUM SHAHI recreates the authentic experience of a biryani with deliciously complex blend of flavours, spices and aroma. “Mughals” bought the biryani culture to India, “DUM SHAHI” preserves it. DUM SHAHI is a biryani-centric brand ideated and conceptualized by DNY Hospitality Pt. Ltd., DNY is engaged in reviving the restaurant industry with 3 principles –“Authentic taste and value”, “low-operating cost” & “High Returns”. Our extensive research on the science of biryani palate, enabled to keep the traditional taste intact, yet create it as a low-cost food business model. Hence the brand is declared as “The Biryani Experts”.”

Food Homes

Brand that started with a deep vision of creating women entrepreneurs across India, with small and easy business from home. DNY Hospitality helped the brand throughout in visualizing the right menu which can be easy-to-produce from a home kitchen setup, kitchen planning, hiring training and guidance in brand development. Unique selling points like Bagel, pizzas, jacket potatoes, Quiche, etc are the key highlights for the brand. Vision of the brand is to expand to 200+ home kitchen by end of year 2024.

Origems – Forgotten Recipes

Forgotten recipes of India, the old traditional home-cooked food. That reaches the heart quickly is been introduced for the First time in a cloud model. Special curated menu engineering by DNY hospitality with automation. In dishes like Amritsari Suji Halva, solkadhi, Bisi bele bath, raja chawal, wadi chawal and most dishes from roots of Indian-homes. Origem’s as the name suggests – original gem of India – the first brand around this concept in Pune.

Mint to Be Green

Meant to be green = Mint to be green. Yes as its meant to be the hydroponic form of green in the farm-to-form model of cloud kitchen. Health centric menu with also a subscription based model is quite a concept. It is growing in the market and the brand has all strategies to target the right set of audience in Andheri, Mumbai. DNY hospitality has strategized brand concept, unique selling points and all its multi-brands cloud kitchen development, kitchen plan, menu, branding and training.

Okkah Restaurants (Zen burgers)

For the revolutionary vision of Expansion in GCC market. Mr Sultan & Majid launched the first multibrand cloud kitchen in Saudi Arabia, Al khobar region. With end to end assistance by DNY Hospitality. Burgers, Snacks, Wraps, & much more operated from a single premises in a lower operating cost is the actual concept of the brand. Single set of manpower, equipment, other resources have been planned intelligently to multiply revenue with multibrands.

Flavours Of Punjab

A brand owned by the legacy Restaurant Hardeep Punjab. 30+ year old in Sion Mumbai. Flavours of Punjab is positioned as a unique traditional Indian Pickle Brand with 7+ Flavours originated by the roots of Punjab. The hand-made flavours of pickle are a mouth watering trick that directly connects to the heart. Flavours of Punjab is operated in a Cloud model, offline retail, FMCG and online storefront too. The branding team of DNY Hospitality has put in their skills in illustrations, visualisation and brand design development and successfully created the required impact.

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