Harley’s Fine Baking

Harley’s Fine Baking is a Russian Madoviks and Russian dessert specialty brand from Hyderabad. Harley’s Fine Baking expanded to 4+ locations in less than 2 years. Primary reason for a faster growth is because of the central manufacturing unit to produce cakes, desserts and pastries- supplied to other locations with simple logistics SOPs. The QSR bakery stores have a easy model of stock, freeze and retail. Central kitchen has a capacity of 1000 cakes per day. DNY Hospitality has helped with brand development, marketing management, growth strategies and overall brand recognition.

The Chickster

The Chickster is an American fried chicken concept from Pune. Establishing its place in the youth dominant market with its USPs like fried chicken burgers, fried appetizers, fried chicken. Dominated menu with unique sauces, dips and an attractive packaging. In a Business Format of a QSR in Koregaon Park pune with a young and rustic interiors has given an overall alignment in brand’s story. Single centric niche positioning of the brand will create a faster awareness. DNY Hospitality has executed as Turn-Key setup as well as ideated from the Scratch.

11 Inch Pie

Ahmedabad gets its first extraordinary pizza joint with a very comfortable and cozy ambiance. The USPs like Pani Puri Pizza, Jyala chilli pizza, Garlic Attack are the key highlights of the place. 30% of menu also consists of garlic breads, strombolis, cheesy fries and mocktails. The overall kitchen planning, ambiance theme, menu planning, branding, training is executed by DNY Hospitality.

Elvics Kitchen

Elvics Kitchen is Exclusive Modern Indian Restaurant, all the way from India to Orlando, Florida! Elvics Kitchen was founded out of their love and passion for catering delicious food made with only the freshest ingredients. We have worked extensively for Elvics Kitchen Kitchen Marketing, brand development and enhancement of Restaurant processes of easy operation.

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