The Thickshake Factory

The ThickShake Factory is a QSR Chain and India’s 1st Premium ThickShake Brand! Winner of Multiple Awards, the company is expanding Pan India to promote the category of specialty retailing of Shakes. Creating and Organizing the Milkshakes segment in Retail, Founded in 2013, have now grown 15X. Currently operate multiple outlets across Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai, and are poised to grow rapidly and striving to create India’s biggest Shakes Brand in the years to come.”


Falafels is one of the fastest growing Quick Service Restaurant. Falafel’s – authentic, good quality, healthy Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine. Falafel’s not only pioneered the segment but remains the leader even today. As consulting the brand in all segments of franchise development, expansion in the GCC & Indian market with more powerful brand recognition and market positioning with our business relationship.

Elvics Kitchen

Elvics Kitchen is Exclusive Modern Indian Restaurant, all the way from India to Orlando, Florida! Elvics Kitchen was founded out of their love and passion for catering delicious food made with only the freshest ingredients. We have worked extensively for Elvics Kitchen Kitchen Marketing, brand development and enhancement of Restaurant processes of easy operation.

Same Place Same Time

Thematic Resto-Bar “ Same Place Same Time ” is one of our concept based projects in Mumbai, Andheri West. The Concept runs around human connections, Dating & business meetings. As the name suggests “ Same place same time ”- a very common term used between 2 people wanting to meet over again. The concept of an Offline Tinder would be experienced in the place. Being an attraction for the youth in that area. Our Expertise is setting up thematic restaurants and bars setup.

Kale & Quinoa

Health Centric QSR – Kale & Quinoa in the heart of Bandra, A Bohemian Theme creation by DNY team. Our Creative team started this with the brand ideation, conceptualization & brand designing. The type of branding is classy, young, bright & Bohemian Inspired. Kale & Quinoa has a health centric menu, with keto as the USP category too!

Once Upon a Dine

In a very promising Pizza segment. We created this new kid on the block with a unique setup, menu offering, individually crafted new range of sauces. And offering a wide range of toppings. In a short span of over 6 months, this brand has been receiving rave reviews. From clients for its new taste, freshness, light on tummy approach, great service and unmatched customer delight. Very soon this brand will be making its presence felt in many locations and cities with franchise outlets.

Harley’s Fine Baking

Harley’s Fine Baking is a Russian Madoviks and Russian dessert specialty brand from Hyderabad. Harley’s Fine Baking expanded to 4+ locations in less than 2 years. Primary reason for a faster growth is because of the central manufacturing unit to produce cakes, desserts and pastries- supplied to other locations with simple logistics SOPs. The QSR bakery stores have a easy model of stock, freeze and retail. Central kitchen has a capacity of 1000 cakes per day. DNY Hospitality has helped with brand development, marketing management, growth strategies and overall brand recognition.


The Indian F&B market is growing at a rapid pace, creating abundant options in Tier-2 cities of India. Guzzlers is one such project of DNY in the city of Aurangabad. Guzzlers is poised to be one of the best party spots with state-of-the-art sound, lights and other infrastructure. Divided in two floors including a terrace. The location is apt for a cozy musical evening with lip-smacking cuisine. Designed especially for the local taste of Aurangabad. With an exquisite design for interiors, latest technology sound and lights, cozy and vibrant interiors, welcoming staff procedures and fresh recipes, this place is defined to rock the lounge culture of Aurangabad.

The Chickster

The Chickster is an American fried chicken concept from Pune. Establishing its place in the youth dominant market with its USPs like fried chicken burgers, fried appetizers, fried chicken. Dominated menu with unique sauces, dips and an attractive packaging. In a Business Format of a QSR in Koregaon Park pune with a young and rustic interiors has given an overall alignment in brand’s story. Single centric niche positioning of the brand will create a faster awareness. DNY Hospitality has executed as Turn-Key setup as well as ideated from the Scratch.

Top 10 F&B Branding Projects


Morso (Name stands for “BITE” in Italian) . Italian and continental cuisine restaurant in Oman. Winning hearts over the locals as well as travelers with its cool experience. DNY not only has defined the brand language, logo, brand identity but also worked end-to-end in determining the overall customer experience design (Human centered design of colors, mood board & quick decision making).


Kebab-E-Ishq proved being in Mumbai city that Cloud Kitchen concept is the most successful model in Restaurant Business. With their Authentic Mughlai offerings. With a successful delivery only brand consulting. We helped them upscale with 2 more brand additions in Italian & Health-based Cuisines. We guided them all way through from hacks of operating Multi-Brands from 1 kitchen, to having the business standardized.

Podi Pacchadi

Podi Pacchadi is quick service and delivery model of South Indian snacks. With hand-made chutneys and sauces of Andhra speciality. operated from a 300 Sq. ft. kitchen in New Bombay. Podi Pacchadi is exclusively known for its chutneys from Andhra that bring a twist to entire menu around idly, dosa, uttapa and South Indian snacks. DNY Hospitality has curated the menu plan, recipes, SOPs, food costings algorithm, consistency SOPs, training and brand design.


Nur is an authentic Awadhi Cuisine Restaurant in Khar Mumbai. Providing the original taste, with the ambience in sync with the concept. The owner also owns the brand “Rustico” in Colaba. Nur’s signature dish being Nihari, the word has its roots from the Arabic, “”Nahar “” meaning Morning , is a rich, slow – cooked meat stew flavored with spices and thickened with atta. It holds a historical significance since the roots being attached to Mughal Nawabs. Branding and design development is well thought and executed by DNY Hospitality.

Buckingrum Bar

Buckingrum Bar is one project we were approached by the client after their existing bar consultancy deserted the project mid-way. The client had no idea how the project could be completed. Our goodwill in the industry helped us to get recommended to the client. We took over the project which needed lot of changes to be done in the strategy and implementation of interiors, infrastructure and technology. We have helped Buckingrum Bar connect with better vendors, suppliers and contractors. Thereby saving a lot of cost. Better quality setup and create a popular party hotspot with unique cuisine. Also implemented the “stock exchange” type liquor trading platform sourced from the world leader in Europe.

Yokohama Breads

A Japanese bakes specialty. Central bakery kitchen setup of about 1000 sq. ft. designed for the B2B model in Powai, India. The brand is engaged in corporate and online orders for the restaurant industry. To fulfil their daily bread and bakes requirements, freshly made at YOKOHMA kitchen.

Chai Nashta Express

10 QSR outlets + a 7000 sq. feet central kitchen, Chai Nashta Express, a Marathi snack speciality. Food production focused on blast freezing, blast chilling food technology, vacuum packing and setting up the logistics process of delivery to 10 different QSR outlets in different regions of Pune. An excellent F&B scalable model, DNY food consultant company executed client’s vision to expand in different parts of India with 100 QSR OUTLETS and 10 Central kitchens by 2024.

Pathya – Food for Cancer Patients

Brand that started with a Cause – Food for Cancer Patients, the minute of ingredient level mastery achieved by Micro-biologist and DNY consultants together. PATHYA – meaning “healing”, with well-though and well-executed menu plan of simple ingredients provided to the cancer special hospitals across Mumbai.

The Fruitshake Co

Rassasy by Migo

Who says you cannot start a food business in a smaller place? Rassasy by Migo is one of the live examples of a quick service fast food business operated from 150 Sq. Ft. Kitchen! This continental specialty QSR in Pune has been designed & conceptualized as per the college & young crowd in the area by DNY Hospitality. The special College menu is created with lots of combo options for a quick decision making among youngsters.

Big Burger Bar

A successful QSR burger specialty, grounded with the roots of a perfect brand language depicted visually. Vibrant Mustard Identity with a strong black font has successfully created the desired impact among the customers in the first month of their launch. A success story is all about the loyalty a brand gains with a correct brand identity! Burger Canteen has always been a success in the area with DNY hospitality’s core expertise in consulting. Some massive burgers like messy jawbreakers have won the hearts of people. USPs- Burger Business, QSR Fast Service, Messy Burgers, Brand Design.

Bombay Staples

Bombay Staples is an Irani theme QSR in Pune. Specialized in authentic Bombay snacks like Vada pav, irani chai, misal pav and other versions of staple food of Bombay. Owner is a passionate businessman who had a dream to start a snacks QSR with specialty. The theme is in alignment with old Bombay art and illustrations. The branding is consistent throughout with a meaning in visual design executed by DNY team. USP – Irani theme QSR , Short and sweet menu, Exceptional Brand design, Market acceptable

The Bombay Roti

The Bombay Roti is a North Indian specialty Cloud kitchen brand in Thane. Spreading its feel throughout with its amazing gravies, Indian curries, tandoors and grills. DNY guided the brand end to end with scalable opportunities. Minimizing loopholes, setting up kitchen, menu engineering and overall training of people. USP – Tandoor and North Indian special, Compact kitchen plan, Profitable Menu engineering, Business Core & Structures.

The Roasting Hut

A Multi-brand cloud kitchen with 2 brands in the same premises. Optimized in term so kitchen planning, technical kitchen space management, and staff multi-optimization. The Roasting Hut being a chicken oriented brand with an online friendly approach to menu. DNY team has given a streamlined direction of execution, kitchen planning, menu engineering, training of staff and branding too.

Dum Shahi Biryani

DUM SHAHI recreates the authentic experience of a biryani with deliciously complex blend of flavours, spices and aroma. “Mughals” bought the biryani culture to India, “DUM SHAHI” preserves it. DUM SHAHI is a biryani-centric brand ideated and conceptualized by DNY Hospitality Pt. Ltd., DNY is engaged in reviving the restaurant industry with 3 principles –“Authentic taste and value”, “low-operating cost” & “High Returns”. Our extensive research on the science of biryani palate, enabled to keep the traditional taste intact, yet create it as a low-cost food business model. Hence the brand is declared as “The Biryani Experts”.”

Food Homes

Brand that started with a deep vision of creating women entrepreneurs across India, with small and easy business from home. DNY Hospitality helped the brand throughout in visualizing the right menu which can be easy-to-produce from a home kitchen setup, kitchen planning, hiring training and guidance in brand development. Unique selling points like Bagel, pizzas, jacket potatoes, Quiche, etc are the key highlights for the brand. Vision of the brand is to expand to 200+ home kitchen by end of year 2024.

Origems – Forgotten Recipes

Forgotten recipes of India, the old traditional home-cooked food. That reaches the heart quickly is been introduced for the First time in a cloud model. Special curated menu engineering by DNY hospitality with automation. In dishes like Amritsari Suji Halva, solkadhi, Bisi bele bath, raja chawal, wadi chawal and most dishes from roots of Indian-homes. Origem’s as the name suggests – original gem of India – the first brand around this concept in Pune.

Mint to Be Green

Meant to be green = Mint to be green. Yes as its meant to be the hydroponic form of green in the farm-to-form model of cloud kitchen. Health centric menu with also a subscription based model is quite a concept. It is growing in the market and the brand has all strategies to target the right set of audience in Andheri, Mumbai. DNY hospitality has strategized brand concept, unique selling points and all its multi-brands cloud kitchen development, kitchen plan, menu, branding and training.

Okkah Restaurants (Zen burgers)

For the revolutionary vision of Expansion in GCC market. Mr Sultan & Majid launched the first multibrand cloud kitchen in Saudi Arabia, Al khobar region. With end to end assistance by DNY Hospitality. Burgers, Snacks, Wraps, & much more operated from a single premises in a lower operating cost is the actual concept of the brand. Single set of manpower, equipment, other resources have been planned intelligently to multiply revenue with multibrands.

Hardeep Punjab

A 30 year old Legendary Restaurant. Authentic North Indian Cuisine, “Hardeep Punjab” in Mumbai operating successfully with their top-notch recipes. Approached us for re-vamping & re-branding. With our additional efforts in restructuring their brand standardization counted to their further growth. During the Covid-19 pandemic when all businesses are only operating with deliveries, Hardeep Punjab has been at the top of online sales in the area.”

Origami Japanese & Korean Restaurant

A Fine-Dine Experience with Japanese cuisine is worth a masterpiece of hospitality project. It’s time to practice using those chopsticks, Powai has opened its doors to Origami, a Japanese & Korean restaurant that does absolute justice to the region. t’s authentic flavours and gives you the chance to experiment a bit. Think kimchi, sushi, ramen, dim sums, rolls, bento, sashimi, miso soups and the works.

Allam Velluli – Authentic Andhra

Authentic Andhra cuisine at its best in the form of a traditional diner, with exclusive combination of podi and Andhra chutneys. DNY hospitality curated the entire menu, meal system, training, Procurement, interiors and turn key setup. The branding and story line speaks a lot about the old traditional Andhra cuisine and the style of cooking. The theme of the restaurant is Indo-modern with impactful colour study to depict the spiciest form of traditional Andhra food. “

Vanjaram – Fish Speciality

An Authentic Andra style fish speciality restaurant based along the coast of Goa. DNY Hospitality puts Vanjaram’s vision of being the best Seafood Restaurant in India into action. Through unique marketing strategies and PR, helping them gain popularity in a much more strategic way. From having Involved Bloggers and Influencers to Social Media Marketing and Organic Growth are some of the Goals DNY is been working on.

11 Inch Pie

Ahmedabad gets its first extraordinary pizza joint with a very comfortable and cozy ambiance. The USPs like Pani Puri Pizza, Jyala chilli pizza, Garlic Attack are the key highlights of the place. 30% of menu also consists of garlic breads, strombolis, cheesy fries and mocktails. The overall kitchen planning, ambiance theme, menu planning, branding, training is executed by DNY Hospitality.

YUI – Authentic Asian

Borivali Gets Its Authentic Asian Choice. YUI – The Way Of Life. Authentic Asian Diner with their delicious offerings in Dim Sum, Sushi, Asian Main course, Soups and much more. With a premium Dine-In comfort. Owners of YUI – Andy Shah and Manoj Nair have given their commitment to the highest culinary standards. By appointing DNY Hospitality Consultants. Which is outmatched only by their desire to share their love of food by introducing luxury authentic dining experience in Borivali.

Cafe Masuma

Cafe Masuma, Bhiwandi’s choice of a quick service venture. Established 3 years ago successful with a turnover of INR 40 lacs per month. That’s how the success is defined with well-planned operational flow, menu engineering with proper audience mindset study that DNY hospitality has guided the brand with from the scratch. USPS – Bhivandi, Mumbai , Short and sweet menu, Proper Market Understanding, Easy operational strategy,

Vice Versa

Pune is an ever-growing city in the F&B industry. One our projects being in FC road “Vice Versa” causal café. Fergusson College road being a student dominated area. Our market study and online data showed up dominant products as Coffees, shakes, burgers and pastas in the overall area orders. Our focus was to take coffees to another level. With the most premium coffee flavors and beans in the menu, best coffee machine procurement and our Barista team executed the recipe trials and training with excellence.

Flavours Of Punjab

A brand owned by the legacy Restaurant Hardeep Punjab. 30+ year old in Sion Mumbai. Flavours of Punjab is positioned as a unique traditional Indian Pickle Brand with 7+ Flavours originated by the roots of Punjab. The hand-made flavours of pickle are a mouth watering trick that directly connects to the heart. Flavours of Punjab is operated in a Cloud model, offline retail, FMCG and online storefront too. The branding team of DNY Hospitality has put in their skills in illustrations, visualisation and brand design development and successfully created the required impact.

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