Dum Shahi Biryani

DUM SHAHI recreates the authentic experience of a biryani with deliciously complex blend of flavours, spices and aroma. “Mughals” bought the biryani culture to India, “DUM SHAHI” preserves it. DUM SHAHI is a biryani-centric brand ideated and conceptualized by DNY Hospitality Pt. Ltd., DNY is engaged in reviving the restaurant industry with 3 principles –“Authentic taste and value”, “low-operating cost” & “High Returns”. Our extensive research on the science of biryani palate, enabled to keep the traditional taste intact, yet create it as a low-cost food business model. Hence the brand is declared as “The Biryani Experts”.

  • Bangalore, India

  • Easy to sell product

  • No special chefs required

  • Low investment cost

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