DNY Hospitality provides restaurant SOPs, restaurant operating procedures consultation in the end-to end services for a restaurant setup. A success of a restaurant depends on how effectively the restaurant SOP’s are followed and kept a track of.

These are the 15 important Restaurant SOP

  1. Hygiene & Safety SOP’s
  2. Food Production SOP’s
  3. Sales and purchase SOP’s
  4. Standardization of Recipes
  5. Wastage Control SOPs
  6. Kitchen SOP’s & Checklists
  7. Bar SOP’s & Checklists
  8. Reporting Structures to management
  9. Cash Handling SOP’s
  10. First In First Out (FIFO)
  11. Storage SOP’s
  12. Inventory Management
  13. Service SOPs
  14. Guest Relations
  15. HR Policies & Company Structure

How do we help?

DNY Hospitality develops the restaurant SOP’s as listed above, customized for your type of setup. For a delivery kitchen or a cloud kitchen the SOPs would be quite different from a Bar or a Café. Depending on number of different cuisines a restaurant wants to start, there would be customised SOPs altered for kitchen for ensuring maximum productivity of the team.

Your Staff is hired & trained by DNY professional team of head chefs and corporate chefs. Owner is trained for staff management SOPs, guidelines to reporting & business procedures. In addition, check on operations, monitoring the processes and surprise audits is a must recommended for the owners.

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