Procurement & Supply Chain Setup

How to source processes efficiently?


Business is Relationships!

The procurement and supply chain segment must be handled with a perspective of “building relationships” more than “low priced options”. DNY Procurement team helps you with setting up the right vendor network in below segments of Hospitality.

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Furniture Vendors
  • Utensils Crockery Cutlery Dealers
  • Food Packaging Manufacturers
  • Uniform Vendors – Food Technology Companies, POS system
  • Fire Safety, RO, AC vendors
  • Licensing Agents – Architects and Contractors 
  • End-To-End Hospitality Supply chain

Specific is Terrific!

The BOQ (Bill of quantity) is specified by DNY procurement team for every aspect of procurement.

  • Equipment sizes, specifications and quality of steel to be used.
  • Utensil qualities, sizes, specifications.
  • Cutlery theme, colors, numbers required.
  • Kitchen plans for contractors to execute efficiently.
  • Uniform quality, cloth thickness, color, print specifications.
  • Packaging boxes sizes, shapes, feasibility, branding specifications.
  • Hardware software specifications.

Selecting the Right Partner!

Tips for Entrepreneurs to consider below listed parameters of selecting the right vendor/ partner –

  • Profile of the Vendor.
  • Previous projects executed.
  • Quality v/s Budget ratio understanding.
  • Consultant’s opinion about the vendor.
  • Most important – willing to support through odd’s and challenges.

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