Team Training

How to train your staff in different processes & in a systematic code of conduct.


When Team becomes a Power!

The biggest pain point of hospitality is “regular team trainings”. DNY Corporate chef team and operations team conduct a full week of team trainings on these factors as below-

  • Kitchen Management Procedures
  • Wastage control & log books
  • Hierarchy system of reporting
  • Recipes, procedures, cooking techniques
  • Portion size and packaging training
  • Personal and Kitchen Hygiene
  • Customer service
  • Mock-trials
  • POS – Point of sale
  • Vendor management
  • Stock ordering- receiving procedures

Owner's Awareness

An integral part of the system is you, the decision maker. Its well said that direction is the key foundation of an organizational strength.  For the decision makers, to always keep empowering your team correctly, DNY team makes you aware of extremely crucial factors to consider in your operating process.

  • Loopholes in the industry
  • Solutions to the loopholes
  • Theft prevention
  • Weekly audit checklist to ensure your people are moving in right direction
  • Power of vendor relationships
  • Right methods to solve disputes
  • Wrong direction flags
  • Power of business values

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