Smart Kitchen Planning

How to plan a kitchen's design which is efficient and comfortable at the same time.


Smart & Compact Kitchen Design

DNY Kitchen planning team is continuously engaged in innovating the kitchen design and planning to gain the highest efficiency in operations. These are some acute underlying reasons to have a smart kitchen –

  • Ensures negligible order delays
  • Ensures highest efficiency in food production operations.
  • Comfort for the kitchen team.
  • Order prep time management.
  • Speedy operations even with a lesser manpower, thereby saving on hire extra staff
  • Lesser Area required for kitchen, thereby saving on paying heavy rents.
  • Automation in recipes.
  • Well planned storage space.

Kitchen Planning Method

DNY Kitchen planning team creates the layouts as per the kitchen structure –

  • Main Kitchen Layout
  • Equipment List and Layout
  • Equipment placement excellence
  • Plumbing Layout
  • Drainage Layout
  • Exhaust Layout
  • Tanks and RO unit, water storage
  • Electrical Layout
  • Fresh Air Layout
  • Electric Load Details of
    Kitchen Equipment
  • Specifications and qualities of electric wires, equipment etc.

The execution partner/ contractor is briefed and monitored to the kitchen setup as per the standards set by the DNY team.

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