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Why Us

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Having successfully executed over 210 F&B projects using most preferred business models, DNY helps to set up one’s business from scratch. We provide structured guidance to start and operate a food business. We work with integrity, promote open-working culture, ensure multiplication of leaders and create entrepreneurs.

Our 15+ years of experience enables you to get a trusted direction, consulting and give a strong start to your business. Our End-to-End strategy, which includes Brand Ideation, Concept Development, Feasibility Study, Menu Engineering, Operational SOPs, Kitchen Planning, Team Training, and Branding, helps you meet professional challenges and keeps you connected to what’s round the corner.

Owning a restaurant that can be started with a low investment can be one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life since, and can open up a slew of new possibilities since, restaurant market is growing rapidly in the world.

Our Business Vision

We aim to create a well-defined framework for the Brand, also standardize business operations. We aid you in running your company model hassle-free.

With our expertise in the hospitality industry, we have grown our business in three countries: India, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Key to the Restaurant Industry:

  1. Hacks to create a brand with minimum capital investment
  2. Achieve brand level expansion
  3. Boost business revenue growth and have lower operational costs
  4. Have a unique brand identity are keystones our success tales.

People interested in starting their own food business or expanding their brand’s identity can  reach out to us to delve deep and get insights.

Expansion Strategy

We aim to expand in next 10 years by:

  1. Bridging in 70% automation in food businesses.
  2. Nudging unorganized businesses towards being organized.
  3. Expanding to 7 more countries with 1000+ projects in next 5 years.
  4. Help legendry brands to scale up to a Franchi sable business.

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