• Project Initialization Starts with an audit – Our head chef conducts a detailed audit on issues faced in Project Initialization, Challenges in current business, overall standards of current working standards of Menu and will put a plan of action to automate the process.
  • Menu Consistency SOPs– Optimizing All Menu Items, Descriptions, MRP, Spice Levels, Dish Tags, Combos. This Successful Menu has niche positioning, single-centric product focused, additional accompaniments for revenue boost, Average order value boosters & easy decision-making intelligence in online ordering.
  • Kitchen planning standards– Main layout, Electrical layout, Plumbing layout, coordinating layout, exhaust layout.
  • Standard operating process and franchise process –
    1) Inventory management SOPs
    2) Cash management SOPs
    3) Sales management SOPs
    4) Who reports to whom?
    5) Owner’s training
  • Franchise investment & ROI– We create business model for franchise investment and ROI.
  • Franchise reporting– We make detail parameter of franchise reporting structures.

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