Now Hotels can also be distinguished on the basis of the level of service they provide so here are some types of hotels :

  • Hotels with a World- class service – These hotels are also known as luxury or Five Star hotels, and their major markets include top business leaders, entertainment celebrities, high-ranking political figures, and rich clients. They offer sophisticated restaurants and lounges, as well as valet, concierge, and private dining services.
  • Hotels with a Mid- Range Service – The majority of the travelling public prefers hotels that are mid-range or otherwise 3 to 4-star hotels. This type of hotel does not offer elaborate service or sufficient manpower. Uniformed service, food and beverage room service, in-room entertainment, and Wi-Fi are all available.
  • Hotels providing Limited Service – These hotels give customers with clean, pleasant, safe, and affordable rooms that suit their fundamental needs. Budget hotels cater mostly to budget-conscious travelers who desire a room with the bare minimum of services and amenities essential for a comfortable stay without having to pay more for superfluous extras.

These were some of the types of hotels distinguished on the basis of the level of service they provide, if you are operating a hotel or are interested in opening one do let us know.

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