There are many types of restaurants in the world. Fine dining restaurants have amazing concepts to work around. While each restaurant has its own own ambiance and vibe, it can still be distinguished based on common characteristics. 

Some common points that are present in every kind of fine dine restaurants are:

  • Traditionally the most expensive dining experience
  • Typically multi-course
  • Elegant a la carte or prix fixe menu options
  • Popular during holidays or special occasions

Following are the various types of restaurants, one can go through:

  • Multi-Cuisine Fine Dine– It is one of the types of restaurants that does not focus just on traditional food, but rather on a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, French, continental, and so on.
  • Specialty Cuisine Fine Dine– A restaurant that focuses on serving specialty meals that are its strength and add to the brand image and offers food from a menu that is influenced by or produced from the culture of a specific people.
  • Traditionally-oriented Fine Dine– This style focuses on the resurrection of long-forgotten recipes while maintaining the classic taste and feel.
  • Fine Dine with a Bar– These Fine Dines are full-service restaurants with a bar that serve drinks with particular specialized food courses.
  • Luxury Fine Dine– Fancy restaurants are tastefully arranged, with low lighting that emphasizes not only the food but also the culinary dexterity.


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