Start A QSR

Building the Roots Stronger For Your Sustainable QSR Dream!

Phase 1 - Strategy

Identifying Your Target Market, Positioning, Concept & Developing A Strategic Roadmap For Brand.

Competitor Overview

Conducting a Data-Driven Market Study for Informed Pre-launch Analysis.
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Competitor Overview

Brand Positioning

Launching in the Market with a Thoughtfully Crafted Brand Strategy and Proven Techniques.
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Brand Positioning

Phase 2 - End To End QSR Consulting

From Scratch To Launch, We've Got You Covered.

Menu Engineering

Crafting a Menu with '0.1 Gram' Accuracy, Propelling Profitability.
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Kitchen Planning

Elevating Business Efficiency with a Thoughtfully Designed Kitchen.
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Processes, SOPs & Training

Crafting and Implementing Smarter Workflows for Efficient Operations.
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Supply Chain Consulting

Constructing and Enhancing Your Supply Chain for Sustainable Success and Strong Vendor Relationships.
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Handholding and Re-trainings

Standing By You for the Long Haul! Guiding Expertise through Uncertainty with Assurance.
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Phase 3 - Scalability

Transforming your business into a scalable powerhouse.

Central Kitchen Planning

Centralizing your production system at the right time with a right strategy.
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Franchise Strategy

Amplifying Brand Growth Through a Sustainable Franchise Blueprint.
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QSR Classification

Short Format QSR

  • Take Away, Standing Crowd & Delivery.
  • High-Street Area, Station, High Footfall Area, Malls.
  • Recommended Positioning - Massy, Classy or Mid-Segment.
  • High Profit, Low Risk.

Long Format QSR

  • Dine-In, Service, Take-away & Delivery.
  • High-Street Area, Complexes, Dense Footfall Area, Malls.
  • Recommended Positioning - Massy, Classy or Mid-Segment.
  • Medium Risk, High Profit.

Kiosk Format

  • Take Away, Standing Crowd & Delivery.
  • Inside Corporate Parks, Shop-In-Shop, Station Area.
  • Recommended Positioning - Massy.
  • Lowest Risk, High Profit.

Ideation To Reality

Our Working Process

QSR Consulting

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