Supply Chain Consulting

Elevating Your Supply Chain and Empowering Your Business with Industry Approved Experts.

Supply Chain Consulting

Our Expertise

Expertise in Efficient Production Flow

We curate BOQs(bill of quantity) for a Precise Supply.

Space Planning for Staff Efficiency

We Prrovide Strategic One-Time Procurement with Industry Approved Vendors

Technical Services for Seamless Operations

Nurturing Supplier Partnerships for your Reliability.

Minimising Food Prep Time

Establishing Replicable Logistics SOPs for Your Convenience.

Who Needs This Service

  • Startups - QSRs, Restaurants, Cloud kitchens, Cafes.
  • Fast Food Chain Businesses.
  • Kiosk Businesses.
  • Bakery and Confectionery Outlets.
  • Fine Dining Restaurants.

Our Approach

A Business Can Become A Brand.


Areas Of Concern In Supply Chain Consulting

Experiencing These Challenges?

  • Cluttered Layouts Leads To Inefficiency.
  • Neglect Brings Outdated Systems, Disruptions.
  • Poor Space Planning Limits Preparation And Efficiency.

Need For DNY's Expertise

We Hold the Solution.

  1. Revamping Enhances Efficiency And Productivity. 
  2. Expertise Ensures Modern, Reliable Equipment. 
  3. Space Planning Maximises Workspace Utilisation.



Note of Success

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At DNY, we are your bridge to strong, long-term connections with industry-approved vendors, crucial in the dynamic business world. Our expertise in the market, ensures you to choose the right vendors, with the right quality, and price points. We help you liaison with experts in, packaging manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, branding, Point of sale, and staffing to ensure a seamless journey. We create a detailed specification and sizing chart before, you could place your purchase order. Let us lead you to success in the supply chain.

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