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Bar Menu is to be well-thought and well-executed in a Bar Consulting service, which DNY Hospitality masters at in India & USA. Menu is a back-bone, it is a product for a customer would enter your Bar.

Planning the bar menu & executing the mixology art is taken care by DNY team professional head mixologist and Bar trainers.

Below are the 8 steps followed by us, to plan a Bar Menu

  1. Understanding the target audience
  2. Menu plan as per the design concept created
  3. Introduce the most highly ordered drinks in menu
  4. Having 30% of bar menu with USPs & wacky cocktails.
  5. Making the menu interactive with use of wacky language & description
  6. Using apt ingredients as per the costing estimates
  7. Ensuring to add points to quick decision making for buying
  8. Ensuring apt presentation & use of glasses

Recipe Standardisation

 DNY creates top-notch recipes, with a detailed recipe manual for each cocktail in the menu. Standardising the recipes ensure a consistent taste throughout, consistent cooking style of every chef in the team, reduce the dependability on particular staff member for the expected taste and aim a scalable future expansion.

Food Costing SOP and MRP Evaluations

DNY sets up a costing algorithm for defining the cost of every cocktail in the menu. Costing SOP is developed hand-in-hand with measured gramage of ingredients in each recipe & their cost price. MRP evaluation is done based on the business fixed cost, running cost and food cost calculations.



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