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DNY Hospitality: A Leading Restaurant Consultant


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DNY Hospitality takes pride in introducing itself as one of the highly sagacious restaurant consultants in the F&B business, setting a new standard under the brilliant leadership of CEO Yash Dalwani. With his visionary guidance, the company's rich experience of 15 years has evolved into a remarkable journey of specialization in providing consultation for the establishment of restaurants, thematic cafes, lounge bars, quick-service restaurants, hotels, fine diners, resorts & wellness retreats. Becoming the pioneer for launching the concept of cloud kitchens in India is a feather in our cap. With our teamwork, we soon started operating internationally. Our operations are in India, Canada, Dubai, and the USA. We have catered to 200+ entities in developing their restaurants, hotels, resorts lounge bars, thematic cafes, etc. We, as restaurant consultants, developed a specialization in each department of F&B business.

Role of DNY Hospitality leading restaurant consultant for a New Business 

For a new business, DNY restaurant consultant is a one-point solution to help you with every detail from scratch.

1 - Financial plan

2 - Market Feasibility study

3 - Menu planning

4 - Smart Kitchen planning

5 - Recipe Development

6 - Culinary training

7 - Standard Operating Procedure Training

8 - Inventory management and Planning

9 - Human Resource

10 - Interior Design

11 - Procurement

1Financial Planning: 

Our approach is starting from a detailed brief to understand your vision and passion, based on which we design a business model. We support you in making a business financial plan to ensure the supply of cash with ROI and revenue projections.

2Menu Planning:

We extend our consultation to menu designing. The tasks of the restaurant consultants in designing menus are related to making categories of recipes, costing SOPs, standardization of recipes and tastes, MRP calculations, deciding combos, etc.

3Hi-Tech Kitchen:

DNY restaurant business consultant provides comprehensive assistance to set up a professional kitchen with appropriate civil electric setup. The architecture by restaurant consultants are with respect to the interior preferences, available space, latest technology, customized requirements and consideration for future plan of expanding to multi-brand.

4. Recipe Development:

The team of DNY’s Head Chefs provides culinary training and kitchen management. We prefer multiple trials until our clients get satisfied with the recipes. The dedicated restaurant consultants always tend to keep trying until they succeed. 

5Standard Operating Procedure Training:

In the food & beverage industry, SOP and Management are mandatory to comply with legal considerations. SOP’s are a standard of procedures. Restaurant consultants must notify the restaurant owners for authentic execution of operations. DNY Hospitality has always made its clients act upon all 15 SOP’s with proficiency.

6. Inventory management and Planning:

Managing inventory is other predominant parameter that needs the attention of restaurant consultants. DNY Hospitality has always fulfilled the expectations concerning accuracy in stock planning. Least wastage and optimum utilisation is our supreme focus.

7. Human Resource:

DNY Hospitality holds expertise in hiring & training. Rest assured while embarking on a multi-billion industry. DNY Restaurant consultants pick candidates with immense potential to add value to your restaurant business.

8Interior Design:

Attractive interior decoration has direct influence on creating classy impression on customers. DNY Hospitality creates charismatic designs that harmonize with the elegant expectations of sophisticated clients. Believe or not, it is a cakewalk with restaurant consultants.

9. Procurement – Restaurant Store:

DNY Hospitality is well-acquainted with the essential resources for a new restaurant business. Kitchen equipment, furniture, staff uniforms, packaging material, technology support for a different software, terminals, computers & printers for better access & surveillance, crockery, cutlery & utensils, bar & cafe equipment are available on The Restaurant Store (TRS) owned by DNY Hospitality. The highlight of all is eco-friendly packaging, paper glasses glass bottles, wooden cutlery, and other environment-friendly containers. It’s rare and offered by only the competent restaurant consultants

Role of DNY Hospitality for an Existing Business

Existing established restaurants do need restaurant consultants like DNY Hospitality for upgrading their working pattern. Legendary brands have an old school way of working, with the technology it’s crucial to upgrade SOPs for the highest productivity. You may also rely on us as one of the known cloud kitchen consultants. The value addition by DNY Hospitality to your existing food & beverage businesses is here. 

1 - Management SOPs

2 - What’s New?

3 - SWOC Analysis

4 - Stubborn cost

5 - Ease of Operations

6 - Revamping Theme / brand language

1.     Possibilities for Betterment/ Management SOPs:

Possibilities for betterment in every business are present because nobody and nothing is perfect. On taking services from restaurant consultants, you will get better exposure. ‘Hardeep Punjab’ is one of our projects that went on to touch the new heights after we took its project.

2.     What’s New: Leading restaurant consultant

Market trends keep changing. Newly launched food items have more merit and preference. DNY Hospitality is one of the restaurant consultants that remain updated with the state-of-the-art industry standards.

3.     SWOC Analysis: leading restaurant consultant

DNY Hospitality will give you a detailed analysis of your existing restaurant or cloud kitchen. It will cover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. This report would help you in creating an action plan for the coming quarter and fiscal year to focus on strengths, overcome the weaknesses, utilize the opportunities, and prevent bad effects of challenges.

4.     Stubborn Costs:

DNY Hospitality knows that you might be struggling with some costs that are hell-bent on decreasing the profits from revenue. These are losses due to wastage, extra stock, more electricity consumption, etc. Restaurant consultants have wonder measures to control them.

5.     Ease of Operation:

Restaurant consultants can help you in ease of operational sop and it would be positively relieving for your staff. Experience is the best teacher and you can take advantage of DNY Hospitality’s experience as the best consultant for a restaurant.

6. Revamping Theme / brand language –

The existing brands majorly need help in converting their interior to something that defines a concept well.

Challenges with Restaurant Establishment

Manifold challenges come as obstacles for a restaurant owner while running a business in the food and beverage industry. This industry is worth millions presently but it is likely to grow by billions in the next decade. Only the best restaurant consultants in the industry can help you overcome them. Let us have a look.

1. Procedural Complexities

Restaurant owners are under the obligation to complete some procedures before he can enter into the F&B industry. Different restaurant business models suggested by restaurant consultants also have different procedural complexities. With DNY Hospitality you get through them smoothly.

2. Licenses and Documentation

The restaurant owner must have necessary licenses and documentation like an FSSAI license, a savings bank account for a cloud kitchen, a current bank account for a restaurant or other commercial entity, health license, local authority license, fire NOC, GST certificate, company’s PAN, owner’s PAN, etc. Restaurant consultants can get you all these within no time and without any hassles. DNY Hospitality gives you a dedicated session for assisting you with this.

3. Complex Kitchen Equipment

Cooking at home is different from commercial cooking. It requires kitchen planning and equipment or else it can be extremely tiresome with extreme efforts by a lot of manpower. Perfection while commercial cooking is difficult to achieve without kitchen equipment and restaurant consultants. Your restaurant or cloud kitchen consultants can help you choose the best equipment. 

4. Maintaining All Items of Menu

The biggest challenge is to maintain all items on the menu because customers can demand anything and some food items are seasonal. The menu cannot be printed again and again. Experienced restaurant consultants like DNY Hospitality will only suggest you to start with a smaller menu for a niche market.

5. Maintenance of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an acid test of a restaurant manager, especially without restaurant consultants. Some ingredients can be stored for longer and some are perishable. DNY Hospitality can help you plan shopping regularly.

6. Regular Marketing

Marketing of a restaurant needs regular investment. The results are not immediately visible. The simplest definition of marketing is to let the right customer know about the right product at the right place and the right price at the right time. Your restaurant and cloud kitchen consultants like DNY Hospitality can help you to be a little patient.

Common Mistakes by Entrepreneurs

It is acceptable to commit mistakes as entrepreneurs. To avoid these errors, it’s crucial to make sure that your restaurant business runs into as few troubles as possible. Especially for a brand to be created in expandable anatomy, you may need to consult a restaurant business consultant. This gives rise to the need for restaurant consultants. DNY Hospitality can design a framework for expansion and scope for improvement.

1. Financial Expectations

Entrepreneurs tend to keep expectations of high profits from the new businesses. When in reality it doesn’t happen; it creates pessimism and a lack of activity to generate business in entrepreneurs. DNY restaurant consultant plans the flow of expenditure until revenue starts coming.

2. Theoretical Approach

The restaurant business needs a practical approach to rule the hearts of the clients. The entrepreneurs make great preparations in black & white but miss out on the practical obstacles as discussed above. As a result, they believe they would execute practically the way they planned theoretically. Only one of the restaurant consultants like DNY Hospitality can help you perform it practically.

3. Practice to Stock 

Every entrepreneur thinks that saving costs is one very crucial way to increase profits. They tend to stock more ingredients then they should; to get competitive rates. restaurant consultants make you understand that a new business takes a little time to get sufficient orders to finish the stock and till that time you need to keep patience to bear the price of stock.

4. Ignoring Crucial Aspects

Some crucial aspects that go unnoticed by entrepreneurs can be behavioral concerns, high short-term expenditure for long term gains, salary-related issues, quality of ingredients, hygiene in the kitchen, etc. DNY restaurant consultant explains to you that taking care of these small issues can open big boxes of surprises.

5. Non-compliance with SOPs

SOPs are standards of procedures that every restaurant owner must maintain. Not following them is seriously against the law and ethics. Responsible restaurant consultants and cloud kitchen consultants educate the restaurant owners about them and their importance. DNY Hospitality teaches you 15 SOP’s for better working.

6. Improper Calculations

The entrepreneurs also commit the mistake of calculating profits without taking into concern those taxes. When an individual sits and plans for the restaurant business he often does it without calculating taxes. In reality when he needs to pay GST every month, the deduction in profit disappoints him. DNY restaurant consultant gives you a clear picture of actual profits.

DNY’s Consultation for Restaurant Business Models

The restaurant business models are different ways of operations to serve the society in restaurant industry. DNY Hospitality will provide you a customized recommendation to choose out of them. All the restaurant business models have infinite potential provided the right entrepreneur chooses them with one of the right restaurant consultants.

1.Home Operated Kitchen

A home operated cloud kitchen is a restaurant or kitchen that provides home delivery of food articles while operating from a home kitchen. It is the simplest business model. Women entrepreneurs can have shining careers in this industry according to the experience of DNY Hospitality.

2. Food Truck & Kiosk

A food truck or a kiosk is a movable restaurant that you can take to food markets and let it stand comfortably there for the whole day and drive it back to your house. The food truck can be bought or taken on rent. The stock can be at a different place and only the necessary items to prepare meals can be loaded in the truck. All prudent restaurant consultants like DNY Hospitality would recommend it to people who are chefs because of their passion for cooking.

3. Co-Working Cloud Kitchen

Co-working cloud kitchen is a cloud kitchen at a commercial place. There can be two or more than two entities. As a restaurant consultant, DNY Hospitality suggests you get into it if you need a particular location and area is too big. It’s better to share it with a coworker.

4. Cloud Kitchen with Single Brand

A Cloud kitchen with a single brand is the best for first-time entrepreneurs. It is good if you start a home-based cloud kitchen because it is easily manageable with a single brand. Restaurant consultants like DNY Hospitality will also suggest the same in the context. 

5. Cloud Kitchen With Multi-Brand

Operating in a multi-brand cloud kitchen is the best choice for the people who have little experience for practical exposure in the food & beverage industry. This food helps them manage the marketing and operations of multiple brands. DNY Hospitality advises you to opt for it if you have restaurant business in partnership or reliable manpower because it needs a lot of it.

6. QSR & Fast Casual 

As experienced restaurant consultants, DNY Hospitality advises you to start a quick-service restaurant & fast casual if you are extremely active physically and you can arrange staff members of a similar attitude. You must maintain your physical and mental fitness throughout the year to be successful in this restaurant business model.

7. Casual Diner

A casual diner is a restaurant where people can sit and order. You must start this kind of restaurant if you can price the food moderately and provide a casual atmosphere. It does not have many luxuries so the investment is also moderate.

8. Full-Fledged Buffet

A full-fledged buffet is a restaurant providing a buffet. You can do your best in it if you can invest a huge amount; if your brand is well known in the town and you can guarantee the taste that people will long for and come again and again. Rest all; DNY Hospitality will take care of.

9. Fine Diner

A fine dining restaurant provides a fine place to sit and enjoy food. There are wines, soft music, and formal dress codes sometimes. It is a luxurious restaurant to be suggested by restaurant consultants. Try your hand in it only if you are ready to invest in luxuries. DNY Hospitality will help you with both customized and ready articles at The Restaurant Store.

10. Café & Coffee House

Coffee House is a place where people get different types of coffee. It also offers light snacks such as sandwiches, bakery products, chocolates, etcetera since it is a café also. As a restaurant consultant, we suggest you start it only if you can make the most authentic coffee in town. If not, DNY Hospitality will help you with hiring and culinary training.

11. Lounge Bar & Bistro

A lounge bar is a part of a pub. It has comfortable seating arrangements. The drinks in the lounge bar are highly expensive. Try your luck in this section of the F&B industry if you have some idea of the brands of hard drinks people coming here would prefer. You also need to invest a lot in the interior of a Lounge Bar and Bistro as restaurant consultants. DNY Hospitality also provides consultation for lounge bar and restaurant.

12. Night Club

A nightclub is a restaurant that has a disco bar or some similar kind of entertainment that has music. It is open from the evening throughout the night. It is the right choice of investment for you if you have the right location, resources, and staff including bouncers to maintain it.

13. Food Processing Unit

A food processing unit is a place for the processing and packaging of food items. It includes complex industrial procedures to result in convenience food items. It operates by using raw material. Start a food processing unit if you have an interest in industrialization. DNY Hospitality as one of the most experienced restaurant consultants has experience in designing all these restaurant business models.

DNY hospitality’s End-to-End Plan and Guidance in Restaurant Consulting

DNY Hospitality is a one-stop comprehensive global restaurant consultant for all of your restaurant’s needs. While starting a new restaurant business or revamp your existing restaurant, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. This ranges from the right way to decide the restaurant concept, professional menu engineering, hiring and staffing training, market analysis, brand design, kitchen setup, menu planning, staff training, or marketing – we cover it all. Here are the 8 steps that DNY Hospitality follows as one of the restaurant consultants. 

1.Brand Ideation

The first step to create your brand begins with brand ideation. DNY Hospitality will analyze your idea and one of the restaurant consultants will tell you about its feasibility. This is the pre-requisite for brand recognition. It is bound to reflect the mission and vision of the restaurant. If the idea is concrete and possible to execute with high profits, we move on to the next step.

2. Concept & Brand Designing

The next step is branding and designing. It covers deciding the unique name, creating a logo, setting color combinations, designing staff uniforms, packaging, etc. DNY Hospitality considers it time-consuming and brainstorming because designs created here stay with the brand for years.

3. Menu Planning

Now it’s time to decide the menu. DNY hospitality provides complete menu engineering that covers trying recipes, creating categories, developing recipes, preparing base gravies, sauces, food-related SOP’s, cost calculation for MRP, packaging, food presentation with cutlery, hiring staff & training them to provide the taste that you want. Judicious restaurant consultant also prepare for large volume order management in advance.

4. Kitchen Planning

Kitchen planning by DNY Hospitality covers designing customized kitchens for multi-use, proper space utilization, deciding utensils, crockery, and cutlery, taking care of exhaust and fresh air system, etc. Its foundation is in the previous step of menu designing because the engineering skills and layout designs depend on the meals.

5. SOP's And Operations

SOP’s are standards of procedures that every restaurant owner must follow in order to execute all the steps properly. There are 15 SOP’s that DNY Hospitality as one of the leading restaurant consultants explains to its clients in detail. 

6. Procurement and Liaisoning

Procurement means arrangement and liaison means facilitating communication or cooperation. DNY Hospitality will help you arrange all the resources because we have tie-ups with vendors for all kinds of restaurant & hotel supplies. It can be for equipment, staff hiring, raw material, fire safety, decorative products, packaging, cutlery, staff uniforms, etc. Order it online from The Restaurant Store.

7. Restaurant Theme

Last but not least, we design the restaurant theme which is the most important factor to create the desired impression on the customers. We recommend the casual, luxurious, romantic, rustic, or any other theme according to the restaurant vision. The designing by DNY Hospitality as one of the responsible restaurant consultants entails both interior and exterior decoration with special attention to crockery, color combination, tabletops, facade, table cloths, exit door, roof, hanging accessories, furniture, wall paintings, and floor.


Successful restaurants begin with a great idea, a structured approach, culinary expertise, and operational excellence. DNY Hospitality as one of the top restaurant consultants experts in comprehensive concept development, a brand idea, process standardisation and brand operating structure SOPs. Our proven restaurant start-up method guides you through the steps that follow the incubation process with the right practices and time-tested experience to ensure a successful start.



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