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As rightly said a BRAND is a “Value” or “Fusion of Values” given out for a particular need to the market. Branding & Food Logo design is the “Language” that conveys this value with a visual impact. 

Food Logo Design

Logo is the face of a company & is the most prominent visible representation or a recall value of the company.

A unique identity is established by a logo with its graphical display that allows the customer to identify the core value of the company.

In branding and digital marketing, logo design is shorthand way of representing the company. Logo is a visual component of a company, & appear on brand packaging, menu, websites & business cards of the company. Therefore, they should be unique & well-designed to add to the success of the brand or business. While with variety of colours, typography, & visual vector elements, the logo helps in projecting a kind of right information about the company.

Implementation in F&B space

A uniquely well-designed logo determines a professional, established and well-designed restaurant brand. Your logo conveys a message to customers that speaks volumes about the quality of your food and the level of your customer service.

Our DNY team of restaurant branding experts is equipped with the restaurant industry insight and design skill necessary to provide you with a creative mark. This implies to be the true representation of your restaurant’s vision. A color palette and tailored typographic design, your logo will become representative of your restaurant within your market.

What is the importance of having a unique Food Logo Design?

Research proves that a user recognizes and relates to images & graphics faster than written content. A brand logo can reach the potential customers and communicate about the brand, why someone must buy their product / service. It communicates to a customer visually on behalf of brand’s menu plan, restaurant interior and vibe and the overall experience. Good logo is imperative to have a carefully designed logo because-

  1. Creates a visual representation
  2. Hence, solidifies consumer loyalty
  3. Also, gives a high impact to the brand’s vision 
  4. Logo is the recall value

A food logo design also implies a sense of professionalism when compared to substandard logos of competitors. Therefore, swaying the consumers towards the company with a professional attitude.

The brand’s trust is more likely witnessed when users respond positively to the food logo design. This leads to an increase in revenue directly.

DNY Hospitality’s Logo Design Service –

We at DNY Hospitality help you identify your vision towards your brand, the USP, core values & principles – to create a unique food logo design.

We take first hand inputs about your brand in the most creative way, our questionnaire stated as below-

  1. If your brand was an animal, what about it be?

The answer to this helps us understand the real nature & structure of logo. Intense/ less intense/ wild/ young/ soft/ cleaver/ etc.

2. If your brand was a song, what about it be?

The answer to this enables us identity your brand language, the tone & voice.

3. If your brand was a country, which one would it be?

The answer to this helps us identify the real original of your product or service. And how can your brand be justified to its look to prove that fact.



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