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Menu Design – Brand’s Character

DNY hospitality – The menu design consultant believes “The brand logo design determines a brand’s vision; however, the menu design determines its character”

A food brand operating as a dine-in facility or having a delivery-only concept, in both the cases menu design plays a vital role. The dishes been prepared excellently is the fact, however if not presented well at the time of decision making /ordering, brand losses half the credibility.

It’s well said – a great way of presenting grabs 80% of the attention before the actual dish grabs 100%.

Prior to designing a menu, its crucial to technically plan a menu with recipe standardization, costing SOP and MRP evaluations. 

Good V/s Great-

A great menu design should convey your restaurant’s personality, be designed to achieve your restaurant’s underlying goals. And ultimately entice customers to place an order. There’s a psychology to menu design that dictates color, placement, and pricing. A well-designed menu will not only appeal aesthetically to your customers, but it might actually drive your average ticket up. Don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at your menu, leave the thought to the restaurant branding experts and menu design consultant —DNY Hospitality!

DNY HospitalityMenu Design Consultant designs Brand Menus with 5 focus points-

  1. Proper sections category-wise
  2. Appealing names and tongue-catchy description.
  3. Visual Impact with photos of USP
  4. Not putting emphasis on MRP
  5. Color palette & mood board

Importance of a Right Menu Design

Menu design implies not only visual image or illustrations, but has a overall structure in content, brand’s vision, USP’s & direction in branding.

Having proper sections, category list and dividing menu in parts enable a quick decision making and thereby boosting revenue.

Appealing names and descriptions help a customer select a dish as per their preferred taste palate, spice levels, ingredients preferred & appetite. A menu design consultant is well experienced in setting up food menus and designing them for a brand.

Branding is a set of activities which create a direct impact on customer’s mind for brand’s USP. Usually menu design consultant advice for a brand identity to resemble it, so do we.

Visual Impact to a Menu

Visual impact is highest achieved with high quality dripping food pictures and having a story line for each of USP dish. Mind of a customer is now very inquisitive to know what the dish must be like, and here’s how it’s sold.

Selecting colors based on the target audience and the theme of the restaurant. Different colors have different psychological effects on a viewer, so your color scheme will help to set the mood of a restaurant as well as draws attention to certain food items.

Appealing typography will communicate a restaurant’s brand and result in a legible menu. Selection of fonts may depend on a number of practical factors, such as the amount of text needed to comfortably fit on the page. Using more than one typeface – say, to distinguish the names and descriptions of menu items – may help to guide customers through the menu.

– by DNY Menu design consultant


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